Wednesday, April 12, 2006

KL young lads & ladies got no taste when it comes to food & pioneer dv383 kick ass.

yesterday was a holiday of the holy prophet birthday, i was told. as far as i know, its just a public holiday. makes no difference to me.

as usual, we went over to our usual mall. midvalley mega mall. was there i little late, just abt 11am (normally about 10am, to get the best parking spot !) at 11am, the place was already pack ! holiday waht to do. since we have not had breakfast, we decide to eat at madam kwan. since we were rather early. and most of the time, the place is jam pack. luckily we were 1/2 hour earlier, as by 11.30am, there's a long que by the entrance already. so we ordered and eat.

one mouth full, and i looked around me. everyone seems to be enjoying their food. peep at what they were eating, looks just like mine, but why arent they complaining. complaining you say ? yes ! for rm12.00++ a bowl/plate, it dont taste much better than canteen food ! prejudice you say ? since i have a tendency to complain over overpriced hawker food at fancy restaurant. i'm not prejudice, because what i say is plain truth. i think young lads and ladies and rich young lads & ladies are just suckers for all this fancy hawker food restaurant. nice decor, nice environment, air-cond wah -lah, perfect. food dont have to taste that nice, cause it dont matter. all they want is the setup.

i just dont get nowadays youngster, it's like taste dont matter, as long as the place is happening, it's fine. no wonder all the coffee outlets are having booming business. but there is a catch. this overprice food shops only can survived in specific locations only. places where ppl go for setup over taste. so my guess is klang valley, johor, singapore and maybe penang. i'm not so sure abt penang, though. thats not much of a challange does it ?

try opening one in my kampung in taiping. my bet, it wont last 3 months. its not that kampung ppl wont pay, it's just that kampung ppl wont pay for that taste. if you want me to pay that much, then justify your food. nice decor can kiss my ass.

but there are, i think 3 food items, that kl fancy restaurant/restaurant/food stalls can never do, if you are from the northern states.

1. popiah
2. lohbak
3. who pau

if there is one, do tell me where, i'll go try it out and give my honest opinion, i swear.

actually, my main topic for today, is that i bought a new dvd player. got carried away.

anyway, i've read some great reviews and a post about it, by Willwolf’s Den, so i decide to buy one for myself. quite cheap you know. rm298.00. its a pioneer dv383. it plays divx and windows media player format. that is actually quite a lot already.

so the first thing i did was to check out whether it plays my lost season 2, which i downloaded off the internet. it did ! all 12 episode in a single dvd ! some say it wont play windows media player format in a dvd but on a cd only, but mine did. then i tested with my four seasons of malcolm, damn cannot, check back on the pc, malcolm's not in a windows media player format. it's just a .avi, so tak jadi.

next i tested the divx movie, burned 6 movie into 1 dvd, loaded it and wa-lah, it showed all 6 titles, i played 1 only, it worked. wonder will it work for the remainder 5. if it worked, it will be my greatest player of all time.

picture quality ? the picture is as crystal clear, as if you're watching a dvd title. audio wise, that would depends on the source right, whether it supports dts or not. else it will just be your basic 2 channel. got picture quality already cannot ask for surround sound right ? somemore 6 movies title in 1 dvd. uncle ho also lose lah.

what you waiting for, go get it lah, before it runs out of stock. i got mine from best denki. there is another similiar model but slighty more expensive by rm70, i think at rm368, the addition is for karaoke !


Inevitable said...

U got yourself a kickass player. Pioneer DVD player is among the best rated player and that is why it cost double compare to a normal burner.

ducky said...

yes i know, my previous player, also a pioneer, 3 years and still running. but cost twice as much, and did twice as less.