Monday, April 10, 2006

thaksin resignation big blow to malaysia gamen

ducky 1+1=3 (ducky's own highly wild but sometimes true observation)

the recent resignation by the thai pm, is actually a big blow to the gamen. you dont know leh, let me explain.

we in malaysia actually had large coverage of the whole event, either on tv or paper, we were supplied with abundant news of the protest and rallies being organise by the opposition parties. while our fuel protest was not even worth being mention even a couple of sentences, but never mind, good news is coming. what am i rambling on and on about ?

we were shown all ths coverage, because the gamen had a plan, they wanted us to see and understand that protesting against the gamen is useless and pointless, somemore it can get you arrested. thestar carried a headline of a picture of a thai man tearing his voting papers and later was arrested. but this plan backed fire. yes it did, because the protestors won with the help of the great king.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

ever been to thailand ? ppl there put up the picture of their beloved king just like you would put up a picture of pamela anderson or jay chou. it is indeed a great king indeed.

back to my theory,
so now with the winners being the opposition parties and the protestors, what is our country gamen going to say ? that protesting is not going to change anything ?

you tell me.


cockroach said...

"..the protestors won with the help of the great king..."

"...put up the picture of their beloved king just like you would put up a picture of pamela anderson or jay chou...."

it will be great if you can refrain the mentioned of the king in such matters or best not at all.

in thailand lese majeste is a serious matter (thai - du mein) and can land you seven years imprisonment. unless you think you are sulak sivaraksa.

ducky said...

oi lipas, it'is call an example. do you hang the picture of the pm in your house for that matter ? no right. neither do i. some ignorant fool might be curious as to why some ppl hang a picture of the king.
and no i am not sulak sivaraksa, i'm just ducky.

mr. handy said...

people protest walk peacefully, sit peacefully, sing happily and do not shout things not related to their protest.

ducky said...

i understand wat u mean, as i witness that my self. some say, it's the same cause while others say it's just confusion.