Thursday, April 13, 2006

daughter broke the rhythm

mr. lack of sex here, got lucky 2 nights in a row the other day.

on the first night, while ducky and the mrs were busy getting in on, and ducky was on his all time high, going for another record breaking feat, my nearly 4 years old daughter woke up, sat on the bed ! i turn around and saw her sitting on the bed. first thing i did was took the blanket and cover me and the mrs. then my mrs, slowly crawl up the bed and put her to sleep again. and that was that.

on the second day, ducky and the mrs was going at it again, but this time in the showers, there we were screwing our heads out, when daughter, once again banged on the bathroom door, shouting "nei day chow me yeh ah, kam loy keh ?" first time we heard it, we just ignored it and continuing with our floor exercise, then she persisted, "kam loy keh ?, nei day chow me yeh ah, fai tik lah ", with that we both break out in laughter and that was that.


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Inevitable said...

Hahaha ...
You should say, "Ngo Tei Chou Kan Ngoi, Lei Dan Yat Dan Hou Mah?"