Sunday, April 09, 2006

great job bandalaya

i was very angry in the beginning. as someone said a hungry man is an angry man. but now being not that angry anymore, i realised how stupid i was being angry with the legalized ah longs.

because if my memory serve me correctly, this restaurant ppl has been fucking around with us everytime the price of petrol increases. so let me re-arrange my mind set and start saying, yes served them right for not having the appropriate approval for all their illegal extensions.

to the ppl that sold me the rm1.30 leong sui, hahahahahahahahahahahah, padam muka. to my rm3.50-rm4.00 noodles, hahahahahahahahaha pei yan tiu and to my other chap fun seller, that overcharge ppl all the time hahahahahahahahahahahahah sek chee kei lah.

no roof no stalls ! these are the bak kut teh, claypot chicken rice, yong tau foo

all the stalls sumbat inside the coffee shop, where got place to sit ?

if cannot dismantle, pecah saja lah, mass of destruction

you, see another restaurant got no roof, this one house even more stalls.

worse hit restaurant, even the tiles are not spared

thats's for overcharging ducky

even on friday itself most of the coffee shop has already commence business as usual. no stalls on the walkway, just table and chairs. one unfair part was that, there are 2 side to connaught, our side has not been spared, but the giant side all the coffee shops has been spared and they actually have more coffeeshops. i guess thats the strategy, the side with less coffeeshops will be demolish, the other side having more, seeing this will quickly pay up to the legalized ah longs. great plan hor ?


angel said...



angel said...


i meant, *lost*

ducky said...

lost ? dang ? why lah ?

serve them right, not right meh ?

you think it is appropriate to charge us rm1.30 for leong sui meh ?