Saturday, April 08, 2006

you get fucked for kissing in public

much have been said about showing your affection in public, nowadays, somemore with the ruling by the federal court. furthermore this is old news.

i believe i saw 1 episode of some local talk show (i dont have astro), and the topic of censorship arose with the finas officer. apparently, the finas officer said something in the line of double standard. he said, for foreign films, the censors are not so tight to remove kissing scene, as foreigner are more font of kissing ! where else for a local film, kissing in public is not a manner in which the ppl are acustom to ! my, my what idiotic words again coming from our local authorities.

remember louis armstrong strong "You must remember this A kiss is still a kiss,.." that bugger even said that ppl are used to watching foreigners kiss each other, but when we see local ppl do that, we get shock !. our authorities seems to be stuck in some age old zone, where they only come out once in a blue moon to mingle with ppl.

do you get shock, when you see local ppl kissing each other ? i dont, i just wish i can do that as well. and to trust our local officer to determine whether our action is decent or not, is fucking around wth my rights. if i so blardy want to kiss my wife in public, so be it. what is that of your fucking problem. if you dont want to show your affection in public, find nobody is forcing you. everyday, when i sent my wife to the lrt station, i gave her a peck on the cheek, is that an offence too ? if that is an offence, FUCK YOU ! do anything you want, but you will feel my foot up your ass, anytime soon.

you know what we should do ? a couple of thousand of married couples (just so it is legal) gather in front of the fucking court house, and kiss our partner, just to show, what we think of your fucking rulling.

so with this new law, i guess you cant kiss your partner when the pastor say, "you can kiss your bride", how about beauty pageant contest winner, when the winner get a kiss on the cheek by the previous contest winner, how about foreigners ? they kiss each other all the time.

come on mr. authorities, wake up, are you living in the same time zone as we are ?


cheng sim said...

sigh. i think the autorities have nothing better to do. don't they have like bribes to handle or anything? the autorities are getting more and more sick! i mean, is there really such law where you can't show your affections in public. thats really sick, man!

She's Jess said...

that's a real cool suggestion.

Man,.. seriously.. they have nothing better to do,..

yuin said...

they're so dim they might probably even go to the airport and arrest all the people who hug and kiss at the departure terminals.

readchapter6meinkemp said...

absolutely no double standards!

intimate scenes in hollywood movies are not censored to proof western cultures as decadent.

got that ducky.

Dragon City said...

i think the autorities never reliaze that when they bann something, ppl going break the rules and it end up in more worst situatio...

ducky said...

nice of you to drop by cheng sim, are you like the youngest blogger in malaysia that really write sometihng, not those 1 liner thing ? i think the law was actually for the muslims, but somehow along the way, got misinterpreted, then like that lor. and yes my dear, our malaysian authorities have nothing else better to do, dont believe me, go to the dbkl main office, you'll see most of the authorities ppl there are over-weight.

jessy, like yoda told me, bandalaya are like the legalized ah long. this is just another way for them to collect xtra buckaroos.

yuin, i think they might just do that, but definitely not with the ah moh.

readchapter6meinkemp, no, i dont get that. as for you, apparently you dont get it either. what is the difference whether you see on tv a foreigner kissing or a local kissing ?

dragon city, the authorities here never think through any damn thing. if they have, kl would be a much better planed city. most of their ideas are half baked & still at the drawing board.

walski69 said...

Let's see where this goes. The lawyers representing the couple is appealing, as far as I know.

The biggest problem is that the people who run DBKL are not elected, but appointed by the Federal Govt. So, there's no accountability to the people. But that's just one Walski's opinion...

BTW - Ducky, many thanks for linking myAsylum! One teh tarik (or beer tarik, if you prefer), should we ever meet!

ducky said...

i think any authority in the damn country for that matter lah.

is only fair mah, you link me, i link you. we link link. teh tarik is enough, fermented barley not really into it. maybe we can meet during the next klcc retreat, if ever !