Saturday, April 01, 2006

ducky got twin izzit ?

yoda yesterday, brought this to my attention.

"Kimberly now fucking jealous as STiger Angmoh asshole looks like Zombie.Muahahahahaha" ducky Homepage 03.25.06 - 11:34 pm #

and from whose blog it came from ? and if yoda didnt tell me, i would not have know.

normally i might be on guard to defend my self. but here i dont find it necessary.

coz its like, you know, i dun talk that way, you know and like i be swearing and all, it's just like soooo not cool and all, you know.

who the fuck is STiger Angmoh, like i read xiaxue lah, and why kimberly so jealous. never mind dont need to know anyway. maybe is someone april fool joke ?

but anyway, yoda why you hanging around xiaxue blog lah ?


Yodaddy said...

I looked at the referrals and i found xiaxue blog as a referrer. so i went there and saw the angmoh jealous thingy.

I read enought to know that these peoples are teenage girls with blogs writing about their life. (*yawn*) I doubt it is of any interest to you and your pro 'freedom' blog.

Yodaddy said...

hey important announcement. i was checking the referrals when i saw this check out his/her links. super shit

angel said...

yoda, so when u going to HK?

Yodaddy said...

why should i go to HK? what you can get in HK, you can also get in Malaysia.not that i want to get those lah.

ducky said...

i saw shouyin blog, how come got referrals from him one, ducky not there also. i didnt know can put up naked pic of chicks on the blog wan so freely.
last time demi that one different, this one all japan av girls, different.
why all going to hk ? got free ticket izzit ?
i see, shouyin from hk.