Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the jalur gemilang bridge

my, my, all of a sudden, we have missilles flying from every single directions. left, right, top & bottom. we have the former pm, the current pm, the dpm, the foreign minister, ppl on the street, ppl not on the street. ppl that dont know anything, ppl that know something, ppl that wrote 14 volumes on it with 1,500 pages. come to think of it, i think lord of the rings have abt 1,500 pages. emm nope, my paperback version says 1137, wait plus the silmarllion 443 odd pages, the hobbit was only like 285 pages.

wait a minute, something seems to be wrong here. why all of a sudden the scenic bridge is soooo important. even the national sovereignty is dragged in. i guess its not about the ciq, nor the economy of johor, nor the air space, nor the sand, nor the demolition of the old causeway, it seems to be something more personal.

1st time old tun man seems to get very agitated and pissed, just because his project didnt get on the way, why is he so kay-poh ? what is it for him ? money ? promises ? show of power ? lets do a quick summary of our old tun here.

1. the national tin can, his 1st pet project, seems to be going down the drain with afta creeping in more and more. i guess in another 10 years, parliament will be deciding whether to keep it or scrap it.

2. msc. seems more like a 1/2 utilised white elephant to me.

3. twin tower ? i think that belong to that aneh.

4. putrajaya. thats like a force to succeed project.

5. sepang international airport. we lack the volume. malaysian prefer to drive as linkage of public transport from door to door does not exist.

6. sepang F1 circuit. this i dun know.

7. my guess the list goes on and on.

but what is with that bridge, that the old tun seems to be on defcon 3 and his former political secretary is already on defcon 2. maybe the old tun is worried that the old causeway, which by the way is as old as he is, might collapse, or maybe the increasing volume of traffic and cars, in which the causeway cannot support anymore.

if this was simcity, i would have built a carriage train to transfer passenger to and fro from singapore and vice-versa, this would definitely ease congestion. actually, i think city planners should play simcity and ceasar type of games, to give them a grasp of simulation city building.

sorry, got carried away, the bridge, why is it so important, ducky guess its a legacy. with points 1-7 mentioned above, my guess is that he wants to have something ppl can remember him by everyday. cause like 60,000 vehicles ply through that causeway every single day. the bridge could even be named jambatan tun mahathir or more glamour name could be jambatan jalur perdana (jalur for jalur gemilang and of course perdana for PM).

(ducky 1+1=3, ducky's own highly wild but sometimes true observation)

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