Thursday, April 20, 2006

american idol final 6

apparently not everyone likes malcolm in the middle as much as me. hence the extreme low traffic. never mind.

i remembered correctly, i did mentioned in my 2 much much earlier post on american idol. 1 when taylor hicks manage to go to hollywood and the 2nd time when he enter the top 12. i'm not really a AI fan, but occasionally i checked in on my idol, and as far as i know, he was never in any bottom 3 and he is still going strong.

his strongest competition was originally mandisa, which i though was going to win the AI hands down, but apparently american dont like fat ppl.

ace got axe. so now thats 6 of them. 3 gals & 3 guys. so which one is it, that is going to be the AI ?

lets see, next on the list, is going to be elliot and then kellie, then paris is next, that would leave us with taylor, chris & katharine. or i could be wrong, and it could be paris in and taylor out. anyway, i do hope taylor wins, but just like mandisa, he doesnt have the package. so we are left with 2. rock star & hot babe. if you google katharine name, you might even read some ppl that want to slam-fuck her ! yes slam-fuck her ! i dont even know what slam-fuck means, until some ppl explain it to me. for those who are as ignorant as me, slam-fuck is to fuck a chick, normally a hot chick very hard until her ass bounce back to you. something like that. so that is how hot she is.

its difficult to say, as like the previous AI, bo didnt win. but can chris win. i find chris is more able to adapt himself to various kind of songs than bo. but at the end of the day, like our very MI, its whether who can sell more records, rocker or babe.

i'll go with chris, as this is to stablilize back what when wrong last year. bo was suppose to win but somehow didnt, so in order for AI to redeem itself, chris has to win. but on the wild side, paris could also win to redeem itself with mandisa. then why not taylor then ? there was nothing to redeem for taylor with. so he's neutral, which in a way makes him the most likely candidate to win.

so we'll see in a month time.

this (left) is suppose to be katharine some say at her prom,
some say its a fake, some say its not her


angel said...

she pweety but can she sing? i mean sing like an angel? i dun follow but i saw Ace got booted just now.

ducky said...

it dont matter if she cant sing, as long as she got the right package, it's fine.
remember milli vanilli ?