Friday, April 07, 2006

ducky's crazy world cup prediction

i dont really like to watch football, but once every four years, i will be losing sleep, skipping work and giving all kind of lame to sick excuses to make up for my loss sleep.

in about 2 months time, it will be here, so who is going to win, this time around ? most said home support sure win one. so the cup is as good as germany. but this is football, and the ball is round, and the strategy they use is as complicated as in formula 1. there is no longer love of the game, the beautiful game, but just winning, whether in style or not, which most of the time is not.

so ducky's knowledge of the world cup is as little as politics, but nevertheless, ducky is going to make a prediction of this year world cup winner. so here goes. by the way, you should already know which team is in which group ok ? if not click here group & standing .

first round winners
1st & 2nd of group A - germany & poland
1st & 2nd of group B - england & sweden
1st & 2nd of group C - argentina & netherlands
1st & 2nd of group D - mexico & portugal
1st & 2nd of group E - italy & czech
1st & 2nd of group F - brazil & crotia
1st & 2nd of group G - france & korea
1st & 2nd of group H - spain & ukraine

then we go to the 2nd round
germany vs sweden, argentina vs portugal,
italy vs crotia, france vs ukraine,
poland vs england, netherlands vs mexico,
czech vs brazil, korea vs spain

then we go to quarter final
germany vs portugal, crotia vs france
england vs netherlands, brazil vs spain

then we go to semi final
germany vs crotia
england vs brazil

then the final
germany vs brazil

and the winner ? i like brazil.but truth be told , i would prefer this

quarter final
germany vs argentina, crotia vs ukraine
england vs mexico, czech vs spain

semi final
argentina vs crotia
england vs czech

argentina vs czech


Inevitable said...

nah, no way portugal gonna beat argentina and italy should owns crotia. And final...
France vs Brazil

Yodaddy said...

wheres the ah long smash up the restaurant pics?

ducky said...

want to put moolah where you mouth is ? a pool is more interesting though. last time around, we manage to force the girls in the office to pool 10 a piece, we manage to find somewhat 15 ppl. fav then was either germany/brazil/england/czech, i took spain, since i was the only taker, meaning i could bag the whole 150, eventually the brazillian winners, was share out among 6 ppl !, not much of a pie left.

decide no pictures lah, since it not only involved connaught, some other areas also kena. somemore chinese papers already gave plenty of coverage. and most restaurant is already up and running today.