Thursday, April 06, 2006

day 2 of still got no chap fun to eat

second day since the bandalaya torn down the illegal extension of the coffee shops. and i have been on a diet for the second day running.

i've taken some pictures, but unfortunately, my office computer is a age old dinosaur, and i cant download my pictures into it. specifications ?

intel celeron 500mhz, memory 64mhz (luckily manage to scrap for an old memory chip of 64mhz, so now running at 128mhz), windows 98se, 8gb hdd. try to beat that.

so what the bandalaya did was tore down the roof and supporting steel and some coffee shop even has part of their tiles/floor whack kau pecah. so its not as bad as i thought it was. i was also made to understand, that the bandalaya has already issued notices to these coffeeshops owner. but the bottom line is i dont have food to eat. whether notice was given or not is another issue.

another funny thing, was those that sold along the kaki lima, didnt kena. the malay chap fun girl, that sold along some pavement with her make make shift table, also tarak kena.

so while i was walking around taking pictures, some owners ask me wtf was i doing, so i said i was taking pictures, he ask me where i'm from ? since my canto is half past six, i said "ngo chee kei yeng song chek", the man didnt buy it, so i said "ngo seh be-lo-ger", look at me even more confuse, finally said, "nei chong yee, ti mong seh, tow ti mong seh loh"

word on the street is that is just money 101, just like yoda said. so after all this hoo-hah, the owners will have to meet the bandalaya ppl, sign some papers, then re-build ! what a waste of resources, dont you think !

connaught area is a highly chinese populated area. there is hardly any malay food stalls around. so why lah is the bandalaya picking on the connaught chinese ? i'm very tempted to play my racial card here, all i need to do is go down to kampung baru and snap a couple of hundreds of pictures, and make some comparison.

should i ? i guess not yet while the pejabat setiausaha kerajaan negeri pahang is still lurking around.


Yodaddy said...

64 MB not Mhz. Tiuuuuu!!!

Yodaddy said...

you cannot fight. i am running pII 56 Ram right now. How can you beat that.

as i said, it is all about money. when petrol naik harga, those officers also felt that they cannot tahan. they also naik bribe harga! cannot pay, they smash up the place like an ah long, but this one, legally somemore.

moral of the story, you may skip ah long payment. but when you skip paying bribe to govt. people, they can do to you legally what ah long would only do curi-curi/diam-diam.

Title of your next post, Official Ah Long smash up restaurateurs shops in Tmn Connaught due to default in bribes.

ducky said...

yes, 64mb, wasnt thinking.

i dont think i have balls to post such story, especially with ah longs, with the gamen, you end up in kamunting or nude squats, with the ah long, you die, simple.

She's Jess said...

It's like that one la.. we are in malaysia what

ducky said...

ya lor, malaysia like dat one lor. illegal restaurant extension cannot, illegal kaki lima can.

Anonymous said...

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