Wednesday, April 19, 2006

scenic bridge or is it ego bridge

it is very strange that every once in a while, whenever the national sovereignty is deem to be at risk, ppl tend to get patriotic. and they seems to be blinded by ego and false representatives other than logical sense and responsibilites. dont you think so ?

i mean this not a quarrel with your neighbour or colleagues or friends, where you can show your animal instint behaviour around, just like king kong, beating your chest and proclaiming you are king of the jungle. this is a nation to another nation. our action and reactions are being watch and monitored by ppl all over the world. and what do we have to show for it ?

our big fat ego and a bridge to nowhere just to show our neighbour who's boss.

i cant imagine how the world is looking at us right now. or should i say laughing at us right now. soon enough, the next time when you leave the country, ppl wont recognise you as that country with the highest tower anymore but instead of that farking country that built a bridge to nowhere.

the only imagination of how the bridge would look like is that of a middle finger pointing towards the island.

tell you what, draw a dot and then draw another dot some 5cm away, then connect both dots, what you have is a line. now draw the same two dots again but this time dont connect the dots, just draw a line halfway there and stop. what do you get ? a line and a dot. what is a line and a dot ? i dun know, i failed my add maths. you tell me. logically it can be a work of art or just something incomplete. i rather go with something incomplete. thats what our bridge represent. our gamen is always A OK with incomplete work. and furthermore, you get paid for doing incomplete work. its part and puzzle of our 9th malaysian plan. you didnt know that ? you didnt read the fine print ? where is the fine print ? its on the pm ass of course !

school bullies beat other student up just to show who is boss in the school.
road bullies abuse other civic drivers just to show who is the king of the road
old tun insisting of building the scenic bridge just to show who is the actual boss in malaysia.

school bullies, road bullies & old tun, do you see any difference there ?

(ducky 1+1=3, ducky's own highly wild but sometimes true observation)


Yodaddy said...

if you have only kept the lenglui groped by me, there would be people commenting. Sometimes just to shiok when they see some chicks kena groped by me. But your tank ducky cannot sell lah. nobody get shiok if they tanked you.

ducky said...

not my fault lah, i post 1-2 post a day, ppl post 10 post a day multiply by the number of ppl that do that is like 5-10, the whole pps is like bombarded with 10-20 bloggers only-mah. my 12am post cant even live till 12pm anymore. unless you also post, then differentlah, somemore now ppl post just for the sake of getting traffic for their ad sense, where got meaning ? i thought blogging was suppose to be fun not work.

Yodaddy said...

i cannot post lah. i am too controversial even when compared to you! if i tone down, no meaning already. unless if you want to risk going to kamunting, then you ask me to post lah.