Friday, February 10, 2006

what does american idol have to do with cny ?

as far as i know, nothing.

finally it rain like it never thought it could. i know it rain yesterday, but i did not actually see it, and it wasn't that great. this is rain to me after a long break since just about before cny. its very funny, cny hot spell is like the earth got nearer to the sun, maybe it is, i'm no rocket scientist and this was one of the hottest cny i ever remembered.

my cny myth, why and how come that i cannot figure out. gambling, mandarin oranges, those noisy insect they said came from china together with the mandarin oranges (is this actually true?), freaking hot weather, kuek kapit and kueh bangkit (whats with the malay names), is it originally a malay tradition kueh?

american idol contestant, i dont really watch american idol, but once a while i do, and at good timing as well, i saw this dude with greyish hair, looks like rainman but a killer singer. taylor hicks, he should be the next idol, but im not sure his appearance will go along with the american idol look. he was singing the carlton during his audition, and it was superb. i have no idea what is a carlton, but my guess is, it is some kind of blues thing. the guy look like he sang without much effort, it was so natural. check up on the net, this guy perform some kind of soul and blues thing, i guess he is a performer, like the previous american idol, they did not let the performer win. american idol winner, unlikely, but i hope he does and that would make AI less stereotype, which would be good.

taylor hicks my next american idol


cheng sim said...

great. an american idol fan!
yeah. he has an interesting personality. looks like somebody else's dad.

i like this particular 16 year old black girl who's grandma is a singer. can't rmbr her name but she's damn good!

ducky said...

i think i remember her, powerful voice and all.
AI is gender biased, all a girl need to have is sound a little bit like mariah, then she is good to go. but a guy, he have to be really talented, not average, but really talented. it's a little unfair, say you.

cheng sim said...

i think Paula Abdul is more sexist this season.
she was never harsh towards guys who are good-looking, charming and handsome.
if u noticed, the contestant practices the same tactic they've learn from last year, serenading a love song to Paula Abdul straight in the eye.

if it works, she'll fight for you like crazy!

ducky said...

do you think bo deserve to win last season ? my guess he did not win the same reason nita did not win in malaysian idol, they already have the extra exposure from AI & MI, winning the Ai or MI wont be much of a different, i mean if amy search or bon jovi joined Ai and MI, they are going to get the same kind of bull from simon on their rock star image, which MI or AI does not endorse, i think they want a clean cut, boy/girl next door kinda of thing.
paula sexist? i thought she got hornier this year!