Sunday, February 05, 2006

chinese new year has come and gone, to me it is. chap goh mei dont really mean much to me, its another dinner that's all.

1 thing i hate about chinese new year is the fucking weather. its hot, hot and hot, its always like this for as long as i can remember. its so hot i cant open my eyes to drive, its so fucking hot i bath 10 times a day. and it takes 30 minutes for my car to cool down after the air cond is put on full blast and the window wind down a bit.

but for everything i hate, there are some i like, like seeing friends and family again after a year, the merry eating and drinking and lol, it's fun, it's like christmas but hotter. i heard from one of my cousin who accidentally is a teacher in one of those international school, and i overheard him saying that some of his students never saw a real life chicken before in their life, i'm not talking about seeing on tv but actually seeing it in the market. i dont really buy it, as you know during all these long conversation with ppl that we meet once a year, we tend to exagerate a little bit, maybe a little more than a little bit, after all its just conversation. so while i was in my kampung for cny i took some pictures to share with some of you city folks that have seen some of this thingy before. i call this kampung 101.

lets start with the basics

this is a swing, it sit 2-3 depends on size

this is a morris minor, its abt 40 yrs old, maybe
not, its british made and it's hard as a tank

this is a rose flower, you can plant it in
very hot weather as well, not necassary in cool
places like cameroon

this is a cili padi plant

this hokkien call is "ang chai"

this is papaya tree

this is a dragonfly

this is a sugar cane plant

and finally the chickens of course or ayam


ducky said...

blogspot seem to have some technical problem forthe last 24 hours, anyway since i comments posted goes to my email, there was 1 from angel.
no its not a volkswagon or a kereta katak, but a moris minor, hence my kampung 101, that show with lindsay lohan herbie loaded, thats also a volks, see the difference.

Yoda said...

hey.. those are not chicken, those are aquas.

And is that a third brake light i see on the m.minor? that car still can jalan?

ducky said...

my correction, they do look like aqua, local ayam look too sluty, hence borrowed from neighbour.
the morris is still "rather" road worthy, and is still in use. the steering is as big as those in bus/lorry.