Tuesday, February 07, 2006

some ppl do it, some ppl dont, i dont like to bitch abt it, but i just feel very strongly against having your indon maid as your baby sitter. its cheaper you would say, you pay your maid rm400? for as many kids, compare to the baby sitter that charge rm400 for one. and they clean up as well and cook, and if you dont like them, you can kick them. i guess thats the malaysian mentality, squeezing every dime from whatever service we can. just take buffet lunches or high tea, only malaysians stack-up their plates to feed 20, but gobble up the food themself. just because we paid rmxx++ much we expect xx much, nothing less, anything less would be depriving us from what trully belong to us.

indon maid are suppose to clean your house, cook for you, some ppl make them wash their car everyday. this deprive the indian bugger rm50 per month you already. indon maid are not meant to babysit your kid, for christ sake they are indon, they have different ways of taking care of kids, dont be suprise if your kids speak malay in a funny kinda way.

another thing about maid, these days, is that we are just all plain lazy. remember when your parents did not have a maid, who clean up after you eat? yes you did, who sweep the floor? mop the floor, paint the house, do multi house chores? yes you did. and you turn out to be a useful fellow, as you are used to multitask and being house bred. you can cook, clean and repair the house. sorry maybe not you but me.

the maid has made your kids lazy and fat, they dont do dishes, they dont cook, they dont clean, and we wonder why they cannot get a job! they are all fucking spoilt. they want high paying glamorous job. they want to start from the top, not from the bottom. i personally hate this ppl. they dont do much, but talk cock all the time. and their daddy is someone, someone.

why all the fuss abt maids? logic is, if you let your kids be treated like a "wong tai" they are going to grow up being spoilt and rude. they are used to instruct amd give command, and not the other way around. you want them to wait tables while waiting for their exam results? ha ha ha. high hopes.

was having tin sum the other day, it was busy as usual in the tin sum shop. a family just sat down next to our table, and was waiting to be serve, so the kids age about 8-10, went over to an empty table to bring back the utensils and plates, and when they got back to their table, they got fucked by the mother, the mum told them that it was not their job to bring the utensils, and they were doing the restaurant a favour. then they waited another 2-3 minutes before they summon for the "low sai", they complain to the low sai that they had to set up the table them self, that nobody served them, and that the restaurant is very badly run! and guess what the low sai apologise. if i was the low sai, i would have fuck fuck fuck them and told them we are not interested to serve them. if you want good service go to a fancy tin sum restaurant, you pay service charge for that.

ugly malaysian, fucks up my day.

any way i dont have a maid and i have 2 kids, both me and my wife work, we can afford a maid, but we enjoy our privacy and we dont want to spoilt our children, yes we are tired, but it is worth it.

and lastly to ppl that sent their kids away to the babysitter or parents house for the weekday and only return back on weekend, if you have excuse that you are both very busy, dont get a kid, get a dog or a cat. why get a kid and dont spend time with them?

more ugly malaysian.


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Agree 100%. I have four kids (sons somemore) and choose not to have maids.

Wingz said...

maid sucks .... parents nowadays are looking for the easy way out. My niece were brought up by a filipino and now they cant speak canto and even their english sound like filipino english HAHAHA

ducky said...

hey yoda check out wingz photo, look like dua kay cha-bo!
5xmom you are malaysian role model! but a lot of malay also dont have maid and they have more children than us, also can manage.
wingx speak english like tagalog ppl ok mah, sound americana!

Yoda said...

actually wings photo is pat leong gam. the famous crossdresser martial artist of wong jing movie. Tricky master 2000 i think.

The indon maid question..me thinks...it should be the other way round. when you grow old and limp/lose your mojo, your kids could employ a maid to take care of you. then there will be a debate on whether they should, seeing that they may get a stepsibling which is half indon!

So to soften up the culture shock that would surely come to pass, let them have a maid/babysitter.

Yoda said...

would like to comment on the cartoon of mohamad but lazy to go to the relevent post.

i have seen numerous times in arab movies on malaysian channel about some bad guys turning to good guys at the end of the movie, by throwing away the cross and stomping it by foot.(apparently in arab movies, the bad guys are always a non-muslim)

so maybe christians should raise hell and demand apology from the arabs on insulting god.

then all the actions by the religious people would only add credence to what i have been saying all this while...that religions kills!

wish humans could evolve and leave the religion bullshit behind. probably not in our lifetime but one day humans would take this evolutionary leap to free them of their greatest enemy

Anonymous said...

My friend sis has three spoilt brats who are brought up by not one but two Indon maids. Boy when u look at those kids i feel like giving both the parents and kids a big slap on the face. Even at an early age of three the kids scold the maid and the mother dont give a shit. That's what rich family do nowadays, want to have sex, give birth and never take care of kids. Go get a gold fish, man. At least if they die u can flush it down the toilet.

ducky said...

i feel your anger my friend, your comment sounded like your parents did the same to you when you were a kiddo. but we cant really stereotype all rich folks to be like that. maybe majority but definitely not all. sound like a hypocrite now huh? well some not that rich ppl also do the same thing, leave their kid with the parents in some kampung and then pick them up once every 2-3 weeks or during the holidays. then they enjoy their life as if they dont have any freaking kids. like you say, get a gold fish.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear things up. My parents dont hire any maid when I was a kid. I do most of the houseworks as both parents are working. It is sicken me when i see some kids can't even hold a broom stick even at the age of 19. It sickens me even more when i see they pay the Indon maid low salary (some even below RM 150 per month) and expect the maid to clean their office, home and even their mother's in law house, take care of three kids, cook, wash the car, etc . WTF !! This is pure slavery.

ducky said...

you're not some serial killer, letting off some steam before you go on the killing rampage on ppl that mistreat their maids ? you want to be pissed, be pissed with the govt. poor education system for the last 20 years or so. producing chopstick idiots that cant barely speak a few lines of english, demanding for jobs they are not qualified for. refusing to toil the earth because they have a mf degree in some irrelevant course. got a low paying 9-5 job, get married, need to buy a car, a house, got a baby, babysitter ? too freaking expensive, get a maid, low mentality product from the freaking education system does not prepare them for the real world. when they cant hack it in the real world, they come back home to where they are master, abuse of maids, abuse of children, and self abuse. you say this is the child not the parent, correction, these kids cant get a job, who is going to take care of them ? the parents of course, the parents thought after the tertiary education the kid goes off, but no the kid is still at home, you're hitting 50s and you are slowing down already, and you still have to feed that mf. anger and frustration all because the education system is a flop.

Anonymous said...

U r rite ucky.. its the education system that causes all this. But what is there for us to do ? I have friends who r 30 yrs old and still living on the parents. Many rich youngster ( by many i dont mean all) nowadays lack self indepandence. Wnat to buy car.. ask daddy to sponsor, want to buy house ask daddy to pay, want to get married ask parents to pay. Where is the spirit of "let me work to pay for all my expenses, after all it is my life".

ducky said...

i'm afraid all that work hard attitude to earn a decent pay nowaday has gone to the dogs. its just now and when. cant ? how much for can. who else can we blame ? the govt of course. these parents are getting rich and they have no intention for their children to suffer the same fate like they do. every industry should be like the restaurant business. i dont know much but i think it's something like that. you cannot just be the head chef, you have to peel potatoes, wash dishes, get fucked a lot, maybe more than literally, then you progress slowly, after many years of toiling you finally become head chef. unlike a md or a chairman which can be advise what to do. the freaking chef speaks for him/her self. if they cant cook or know little about cooking, then sayonara. even if they dont cook it themself, the food will still taste like as if they cooked it themself.
as for consolation, when the parent become old and frail, and in need of lovingly care, they will find themself being thrown into the best money can buy retirement home for the elderly, what goes around comes around.