Sunday, February 26, 2006

the swearing speaker

some things have to be said in a manner to be most understood, else it will only be fell on deaf ears.

for instant, if a kid was running around and making a hell of a noise, you stop the kid, and ask politely for the kid to stop making so much noise, chances are, the moment you let him go, you are going to hear this again "eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !" as you can see, what you just said doesnt make any difference. but if you were to put it on a more universal manner, like "stump!" you elbow the kid while he was running, kid fell down on his knees, you put your foot on his chest, slightly pressing saying " now listen to me you little kannineh, if you were to make the slightest sound again, i'll kick your marther farking balls so hard that they'll be deeper than your ass" the kid of course will not be making any more noise, or 1% chance the stump! killed the kid, and that's a different story altogether.

if you're working, then its normal practice, "ducky where the fuck is my report, i need that mf report like right mf now" and of course ducky will reply, "knnccb, you'll your chibai report when i'm done with the lanciew report. my boss understood and i understood that the report will be done asap. even hanging around with your friends make perfect sense.

but some place it is deem inappropriate, like talking to your parents, "ah hiow, please pick up the rubbish" ah hiow:"kannineh lu beh hiow khua wah kannineh boh eng phak chiu cheng meh, pukimak." mother: knn, lu khi chiak sai lanciew kniah" or the dad calling for the daughter, "oi kang boh eh, lu gia lu a chipek lok lai chi kang, lu u kan nineh thiah teok. kang boh: knn lu limpek, wah ti dua boh eng seow kan, lu tan chi eh a yor ? as you see, you cant really swear at your parents and vice versa.

there is another sacred place, where swearing is deem very impropriate, but somehow need to be changed in the 21st century.

my dear brothers and sister, do you know that jesus loves you ?
yes he does, and what do we do in return?
yes i say my brothers and sisters, what do we do in return ?
nothing, mother fucking nothing, no fucking thank you,
no fucking gesture. we just take and take, do we fucking give ?
fucking hell no.
you are all going to burn in the fucking flaming damnation of hell,
if you dont fucking repent now.
kan nineh, do i hear an amen, let me hear you say a fucking men.
go in peace to love and to serve your god, Afuckingmen.

* if you had felt offended, what can i say, dont say afuckingmen then.
## this post has no intention to make fun of the christianity religion, but to put a point forward, that most christians are 2 hours sunday believers. once service is over, they go back to being an asshole 2 hours before. reasons ? i believe you have that answer already and i dont need to go into that.
%%% i just felt that pastors all around are tired, that what they preach is going in and out the other ear, is it because their messagge is not powerful enough, or is it not said in the universal manner?
@@@@ you decide for your self.


Ah Pek said...

??????????????? the lame duck has turned into a fierce bear?

ducky said...

good morning ahpek, my no.1 moral supporter. glad that caught your attention. it was heart felt thing. was in my mind for a while but did not know how to phrase it. do you afarkingmen to it?

Yodaddy said...

ducky, i swear to god(a figure of speech, not that i believe god) that i did not see this post when i was putting a comment in your previous post. Must be that god puts his hand over my eyes so i cannot see this post just now. KNNCCB *#!&% god, afuckingmen!

so afterwards my version yeah!

5xmom said...

Which church, which church, quickly tell me. I wanna go and after that I can go back to my oralgina way of blogging with all the cuss words. (Lately I kena tame down due to 'pressures')

As to your last questions, maybe you should ask Ayah Pin 'cos he must have the answers.LOL.

ducky said...

if you find that church call me oso, i oso want to go.
who tembak u, tell ducky, ducky oso got khang thau in penang, ducky khang thau stay in seberang jaya, very big boss one.
eh, they say catholics cannot do BJ one eh ? correct ah ?