Friday, February 10, 2006

traffic today to work was quite clear, i wonder if it is the thaipusam festival tomorrow.

what i dont understand, is why thaipusam is not a public holiday for the whole nation. every year the thaipusam celebration bring forth a lot of visitors to malaysia to witness this festival.

i cant really comment much on thaipusam, as i dont really know much about it. but the fact is that when you have foreigners purposely travel to malaysia just to join in this festival, it says a lot about thaipusam. i have work in kl all my working years. so i've never have thaipusam off as a holiday. yes i can take an annual leave, but its not my celebration, maybe that is why, the federal govt felt the same way as most of us, its not my celebration, its just a couple of thousand of hundred of devotees, and ppl that poke metal wires into their bodies, it sound dangerous. anyway its for the minorities in the country. sorry if you felt i have insulted you, but i'm sure you know that better than me.

bottom line, THAIPUSAM should be a national public holiday.

and btw, there should also be a day for tunku abdul rahman, the absence of this only shows the total disrespect and honour of the rulling govt to the father of independence.

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NickTay said...

Agree with you completely ducky.