Tuesday, February 14, 2006

yoda just restarted to blog again, which is a good news to me. not trying to help him to promote his blog, but yoda's blog a little different, yoda is loud, and sometime he is deep, very deep, i dont even understand what he says. i think yoda reads the entire encyclopedia when he was like 9-10 years old. his like a dictionary, sometimes freak me out as well. his favourite topics are religion, religion and religion.

but beware, his blog has no censorship board, im not talking abt knnccb, im taking abt feelings, yoda blogs whatever he feels like, and like i mentioned earlier, its about religion.

and his comments are as sharp as his post. dont take heart to what he comments but instead take it as a lesson or just swallow it. the man has no heart, his cold, ice cold. his nick name is big brain in hokkien.

his blog title is "no religion". i guess that says it all. yoda is an atheist. there is no bias for any religion, he'll do islam bashing today, christian tommorrow and maybe buddhist the day after, depending on his mood.

so enter at your own risk, if you are religion sensitive, then this would not suit you, not for the faint hearted.

ladies and gentleman, i give you:-


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angel said...

so yoda is a brainy bloke with no heart eh? hmmm...interesting...but his favourite topic is not! LOL!

big brain as in tua nau?? LOL!

u said he's just started to blog again. what happened to his previous blog(s)?