Tuesday, February 28, 2006

fuck malaysia

kanninehchowchibai, this time must really spell it all out.

another fucking 30 sen, and now is rm1.92. they think my money grow from the fucking durian and coconut tree ah ? last time rm50 enough for a full tank, then rm60, now chibai rm70 for a fucking full tank ?

i think from the former pukimak to the current pukimak, our petrol prices have increase nearly 1 whole fucking dollar. cheebai.

how to write funny stuff lah angel, with this kind of economy. i tell what i'll do, i'll go circumcise my kkc, then i'll go over to parliament, then i'll pee all over the dewan just for kicks, mother fucker.

5xmom wrote on "what you would do when you hear the national anthem being played" this is what i'll do, change the channel. i think i'll get a standing ovation for this, not short of a malaysia nobel prize.

what do i think of doing right now ? dont know, yoda claim i'm part fundie, maybe i'll blow up something.

fucking wira only gives me around 350km per full tank, i better change to a honda, i understand it gives around 500km per full tank.



Inevitable said...

cool it man...
wait until the lorries increase their transportation cost. by then expect prices of everything jacked up 20% at least.
nasi lemak bungkus - RM2.00
teh tarik - RM2.00
roti kosong - RM1.50

now ... you can really SHOUT KANNINEHCHOWCHIBAU!!!

Ah Pek said...

change to one yamahai 80 like me lor. 6 bucks full tank already. can go anywhere oso. carry leng lui lagi best. her neng neng press against your back. very shiok.

ducky said...

i can always depend on ahpek to make the best of any situation. i say fuck malaysia, ahpek say leng lui neng neng. what if i say fuck singapore ? kiasu leng lui neng neng ?
yamahai 80 ?, never mind, i'll pick up my ninja from the junkyard, a few touch up and we are ready to go. not your rm6 per full tank, but @ rm20. if you ever see one knn on a ninja with number plate "duck" that one is me lah.

inevitable ? u want to help me pee all over the dewan or not, i think many ppl would want to see how circumcise kkc pee compare to non circumcise kkc. agree or not?

Yodaddy said...

aiyah ducky, this one expected already wat...especially when they announced GST postpone, was getting ready for the impact. but seriously lah individually, the increase does not have material impact. To you its probably just a few ringgit more interest on your credit card only.

But tak boleh tahan they (barisan national) are getting rich by stealing a few ringgit from you.

Fuck! its like stealing from a beggar.

ducky said...

ok tommorrow we meet at the dewan and we pee all over it, if got time we phak chiu cheng also.

Yodaddy said...

why merely pee near the dewan when we can, meet there to burn barisan flag and ask them to apologise because they insulted our religion or some shit like that(did they do it?No. but who gives a shit).