Friday, February 17, 2006

parenting and babysitting III

you know the milk adv on tv about the father trying to teach the son/daughter about a flower, and the kid told the dad that it was an orchid. well i have a similar story to tell.

it was a saturday morning and my wife had to work, so i took my 2 kids to the nearby market. on the way back from the market, there was this huge crane truck park by the road, so i call my 3 year over...

me: you know what is that, that is a crane
kid: train ah?
me: no, crane
kid: train
me: no, it not a train, its a crane
kid: train
me: look at my tongue, crrrrrrrrrrrane
kid: trrrrrrrrrrrrrain
me: never mind
kid: why you say never mind, (look at me puzzle),
papa, ko koh hai "tiu che" lah.

i give up.


Yodaddy said...

nice post. this post has no opening for me to release a plethoria of atheist comments. as DLG would say, this post really cover back side. No choicelah. i got to use my different personality of phonetically challenged reader to continue my trend of creating the right atmosphere. here goes :

Tiu che? remember your post about the foreign maid? at least they don't teach kids bad words. But your right in the sense that this is similiar to the advet in tv. The advert in the tv's main selling point is that the kid suprised the father by showing maturity beyond his age. In your case, this is very much the case. Now comes the question...what brand of milk powder you give your kids ah? they so panai learn bad words one? sure next time grow up to become boss wan. boss very panai say badwords wan. (eg. DLG)

ducky said...

actually, i left something out, after my kid said tiu che, i was shock for a while as my cantoenese is rather elimentary, the only word i heard correctly was tiu, so i was wondering who on earth taught my kid tiu. then i start to make 1+2=3, and realise tiu che is crane in cantoenese, not that my kid want to tiu the crane!

ducky said...

before i forget, siaocharbo she write ham sap story, then ppl comment to continue