Friday, February 03, 2006

yoda personally told me that my recent postings lags controversial interest to promote any form of comments from his camp. lets see what i can do.

controversial is simply do be against what the majority norm would like to believe. so eg if i claim that ruben barichello is more gifted than schumi himself, that would spark a controversial issue by itself. ok.

i hate chinese tradition, not all of it, but most of it, even being a chinese myself. try getting married in a chinese way, it's stupid. 1st u have to bribe the father for selling off the daughter. then there is this ridicolous buying of gold thingy, and this stuff are expensive because u only buy it for wedding, and the goldsmith knows of this, so they hike up the price. then there is the roast pork thing and all those round biscuit in yellow and pink. then there is the photographs, some ppl spend up to like rm10k. mine was just the standard package. rm2k no more no less, for that u have to choose some amount of photos. the photographer would bull about taking all the photos, because it's a one in a life time thing etc. that is the shit thing about chinese celebration, we celebrate when thre is a birth, marriage and funeral, and all this occasions are just dollars and cents, and some of these chinese are really dumb, to buy into all the bull shit this conmen tell them, that you need this and that and that to keep face and what shit. let me tell you this, if you love your wife and your wife alone, and not the money her daddy has, then fucked all the tradition, just register take a snap shot, and you are done. finis. if the parents dont like it, tell them who is getting married you or them.
and then the dinner, who sit where and who to invite, that is when you realised that its not your wedding anymore. the wedding dinner is always not your wedding. its always the parents dinner. your parents is going to decide what is going to be serve, who is attending and who sits where. i like the malay way, kenduri-buffet, sit and eat and give rm5 ang pow.
indian traditional wedding, attended one and was told are quite extravagant as well, and the person to gain from all these is the priest that performs all this rituals, what i was told, i could be wrong, after all i'm no indian.
i'm lucky to be born in a new modern kinda of chinese family, my grandma attended english school, so we are a little different, i'm no ah moh, just we dont adopt all those hocus pocus insane ridicolous superstitions. we dont even drink any chinese herbs. grandparents just gave their daughters away without asking for any tokens. grandpa said he wasn't selling his daughters, he's just giving them away.
do i call my self chinese? of course i do, i am yellow colour. proud of china ? heck no. fuck china for all i care, love malaysia ? fuck malaysia for all i care. great grandparents was born in malaysia, dont know about his dad.
i'm just another yellow bugger in this world.

me 30 years ago


Yoda said...

tradition for tradition's sake is a waste of time and money. but think of the practical implications of tradition like wedding dinner, photoshots, jewellery and etc. think of wedding dinner as an excuse for the old man and woman to party. photos so that in future you can justify the different treatment to wifey by showing her the (presumably much hotter) wedding pictures. lastly golds to offset some of your expenses. but that is as far as it goes. dont waste time praying in the temple, churches, synagouges etc.

and whats with the old b/w photo of you there? how did you manage to scan it to your pc? and so well preserved also. but thats not the point. maybe you should just put some hot chick pics. who wants to look at some old photos anyway?

cheng sim said...

tht will only happen if you have a group of this really old-fashioned old ladies as ur Grandmother.

thank god, it didn't happen to me either. im a Christian and im positive i won't be getting married in a traditional Chinese wedding tradition.

then again, traditions are interesting if u asked me. its part of who we are.

NickTay said...

Depends which traditions lah, some are just silly like not sweeping the floor on CNY.