Saturday, February 25, 2006

yoda's post brought back some blue film punye memories.

its strange that most of the video rental guys back then, were aneh, chinese some, but most dealt in tvb series, maybe they do, i wouldnt know. most remembered aneh that did not screwed my back side was rahmat and raja. but have retired now i guess, as their shops are no longer there.

and there was this thingy abour renting blue film, you cant be too direct the first time around. you have to ask slowly, but not with the aneh guys, they go there geleng kepala once, and like magic show, a couple of tapes appear right before your very eyes, there was no actual exchange of conversation, just geleng kepala, must be a aneh thingy.

as i was saying you have rent the "right" tapes to progress to blue film. you cant just walk into the shop and ask for a blue film like you order teh tarik, "aneh blue film satu, kaw kaw punya" you must know what tapes to borrow, if you get beauty and the beast, nei man man tan lah. you have to get like those kolej shows with nudity back then, like screwballs something, then you progress to blue lagoon, then you ask for blue angel, basic instint, 9 1/2 weeks, then you test water, ask for emmannuel series, if aneh give you, then you can ask for kaw kaw one, aneh understand.

when i was in kl, also another aneh, since back then, very familiar with aneh style of renting blue film. but here easier, they put 2 different catalogue, 1 cerita biasa, the other 1 adult/r-rated/xxx, so if you want blue film, you just ask for better than the adult/r-rated/xxx shows, and aneh will understand. but this is where it gets weird, first aneh will get out of his shop, to look see look see, then he come back in, but his eyes still lurking outside, then he take the good stuff out, wrap in newspaper! and ask me to put inside bag! the whole process actually takes around 5 whole minutes. that was the one and only time i went there. that aneh really freaks me out.


Yodaddy said...

aiyoh you kena con already. i think that wasnt a newspaper lah, that was his pants! now on top of getting screwed and giving blowjob in ur kampung, u come to kl give handjob to anehs so u can borrow blue ah?

ducky said...

very funny, aneh just like to fuck me all the time.

reason why i dont rent from chinese dude is that most of the time, the counters are jaga by ladies, how lah want to ask blue film from ladies.

once i ask before in kampung from a chinese dude shop, funny thing was he spoke cantoenese, it when something like that, leng chai nei oi mee yeh ? ngor oi ham tai. ham tai ah ? nei oi sam cup, sei cup or emm cup ? my understanding of cup in kantonis is darjah, which translate to me as you want standard 3,4 or 5 ?

angel said...

LOLOL! so which cup did u choose?

cheng sim said...

why do you rent the tape?
you can download it for free here from the net...
i talk as if i know everything
i don't watch them. im a good girl.

ducky said...

you're a early riser cheng sim. why do you wake up 6:41 on a saturday morning ? back then internet was still unheard off. even vcd and dvd were not even born yet, i believe it was only the ere of laser disc.
not watching dont make you a good girl!!?? i dont believe.
have not heard from you for a while, did your girl enter top 12 of AI ? how's exam ? ah, you woke up early to study. good choice, did that back then. early morning, high absorbtion rate.

didnt rent any cup from cinaman, too confuse oledi.

Yodaddy said...

hey how can u translate 3,4,5 cup to tamil? or how u tell the aneh u want hardcore vs softcore? geleng kepala some other way? or do you just rub,suck,fuck aneh another way?