Sunday, February 12, 2006

today is chap goh meh, orange throwing day, for some ppl peanuts and little drums, i dont know, ask 5xmom.

do ppl still throw oranges, actually i've never seen it before in my life, even as a full fledge kampung boy. do they throw it like, just drop it in the lake/river/sea/longkang or baseball style, cricket style, or skipping them on the water style, or maybe with a device, like a baseball bat, hockey stick, catapult, tennis racket, slingshot, or maybe kick it like the beautiful game!

this year maybe i also have to go throw oranges, because this year we have like 2-3 crates of oranges still un-eaten, some in the fridge, some still in the crate. where to go throw them? klang river, taman tasik perdana/titiwangsa/permaisuri gombak river ?

strange thing about mandarin oranges, is the folk tale that if you eat too many of them, you get heaty? how in the world can you get heaty by eating too many oranges, chinese tales, who knows, maybe it was suppose to be on heat or horny, instead of heaty, maybe the chinese dude cannot pronounce correctly and call it heaty, so after 20 generations, we know is heaty lah, and of course you know what come with heaty lah, sore throat and headache lah. so given my "on heat" theory is true, this valentine day make sure your partner eat a lot of mandarin oranges. i still have 2 crates, anyone interested?


cheng sim said...

its weird.
i ate lots of oranges because its good for skin...tapi tak rasa heaty pun?

then again, i would throw oranges if i live in a kampung and the river is just nearby. would you?

ducky said...

heaty? you're suppose to be on heat, not heaty lah. so now you horny ah? not yet ? eat somemore leh.

maybe i might, if i'm still living in my kampung, who live by the river anyway ? the orang asli in pahang and maybe the drug addicts by klang/gombak river.

did you see serendipity ? kate and cuzak. throw an orange in the river as hard as you can, write your name and if your bf pick it up somehow, then you guys are fated to be together.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

In contonese eat too much Mandarin Orange = Sup(wet)Eat(Hot)

So is good reason when eat too much mandarin oranges exp lady got 'Wet and Hot'

5xmom said...

You spread the rumour lor, oranges make ppl horny. Sure sell better than tongkat ali.

But these oranges aren't very good 'cos they are contaminated with lots of fungi 'cos all squeeze into on crate, rotten ones alot. I remember I study in For Four Biology about the kulat-kulat in the oren. Eat liao, our lungs oso kena infection and cough lor.

ducky said...

you see 9394, your theory even better than mine, somemore its your theory, so that means if more than 1 person have the same theory, then its not a theory anymore, but a conspiracy theory, china is trying to seduce malaysian girls! quick call noh omar, he should be the first to know.

ducky said...

like to spread the rumour, but today last day oledi, too late, maybe next year lah.
wah, i dont know which school you went but our school in kampung all shut up about this conspiracy theory, noboby tell us got ulat in the oren. we only know got ulat in the jambu air eat with rojak sos, yummy.
anyway biology i only got c6 in spm, kimia f9, but fizik c4. so my science ok lah.

Yoda said...

heehee ducky kulat lah not ulat! and about the aphrodistic quality of mandarin oranges, let us get in a few containers next year b4 the rumours spread. or maybe we could get a windfall b4 that by making some mooncakes which will make brother stand up. it is 50% psychological anyway. you get the health and drugs approval (look at the pan labs recall file )and i get the jakim halal chop. then also get HACCP accreditation and export to the whole world. hahahaha and we will rule the galaxy. sorry did i go off topic? the oranges, let see...we go downstream and collect all the oranges and then sell it to those suckers who believe the rumours. speaking about suckers, we should target those who believes rumours without questioning. those people who believes things on faith and not on where in the world could we find this type of people....

Jacky said...

Don't throw, deliver some to me :)

Chen said...

don't know what to do with the leftover oranges?
give some to me :)
I will sapu all your oranges :D

ducky said...

whoa..whoa..yoda, rileks dulu, health & drus approval, halal chop, haccp accredential, just short of the sirim sticker huh! suckers you say, we'll sms to samy.v and then maybe he'll sms to the rest of the house, and tommorrow we will be selling at least, say 192 boxes ?

deliver to where jacky ? you want me to drop it at the pusat sukan desa petaling?

you oso want oranges chen, why so many ppl want leftover oranges, nah take lor. gong xi fa chai.

Yoda said...

Ducky, i got an idea, give the mandarin oranges to your colleagues lah. Then may all your fantasies come true! Then you can blog the details. But why wait? maybe you should blog about how a guy working with lots of single woman get sexually harrased by them! Not that i think it happened, i just know it will happen! come on share some stories!