Sunday, February 05, 2006

i really dont understand our malaysian mentality, take the making of new ic for one, we were given ampleeeeee timeeeeee to renew our ic, but no thank you, i want to do it on the last day of the year. so we have the long q, from the front gate of the nrd office till the toll gate of something, the when this ppl did not get a number, they have the fucking nerve to fuck the nrd offices for being incompetent. it appear to them that they were not at fault at all, doing things the last minute is norm. but the nrd fellars made a mistake though. they should not have open their offices until late at night, they should have just open for business as usual. 4.30pm tutup kedai. cannot make ic, tough luck.
but they make it up for just charging rm10 for the renewing done from 1 jan 2006 onwards, there are many piss off ppl out there over this rm10 thing. saying if they new it was rm10, they would not have line up till the toll gate. thats the whole idea, if the rm10 news were know, nobody would bother, and this would go on indifinetely.

anyway, while i was in kampung during the cny, i saw this familiar looking logo of our fav chicken shop, but on closer inspection, it was not. its a new chicken shop known as KLG fried chicken. being curious, i went into the outlet, and behold, all the deco and furnitures and every damn thing look just like KFC, i even their chairs are alike. so how was the chicken ? it goes something like this, first you order, the you wait, why wait? because they need to catch the chicken, cull it, pull the feathers, marinade it with finger licking good spices, then fried it. the taste? like any person, i mean any person trying to fry a chicken, it was bad. very very bad.

remember this logo

and this reminded me of another chicken shop that was in my kampung many years ago until they went bankrupt, mcdota fried chicken. remember? but i think it is only in small town, not the cities where they have to compete with kfc and mcdonalds. i was told by the cashier that klg is a taiwan franchise.

so, i cant resist it, after finishing up the bad chicken, i went out and took some pictures for your astonishment.

looks like your fav chick restaurant?


~little princess~ said...

Haha..have to take pics so many times for emphasis? Yea, it really does look like KFC logo! they should sue!

ducky said...

if kfc owners actually taste klg, they wouldn't even bother. klg taste nothing like kfc. but maybe if kfc sue, then it will be like free advertisement for them (klg).

Yoda said...

how to sue? klg and kfc only have "k" as the common name.

on the ic thingy, some well connected business in making the ic chips is in business! every change of ic incurs cost to the govt. and paid to the manufacturer of ic chips. imagine 20 million malaysian come and change ic. lets say the Co. has applied for loan from bank to produce say, 25 million chips at 5 bucks a chip. they then sell them to govt at 20 bucks for 1 chip. but what luck! now that 10 million has not come and change the ic, the co. suffers a lost of revenue or a higher interest charged because they have not the money to repay the loan. they then have to charge the citizen an extra 10 bucks to recover thier cost. shame on those people who waited till the last minute so that some crony needs to resort to fine you for not cooperating in the grand scheme of things

ducky said...

why so long winded on the ic thingy my guess is you still have your old ic. maybe the blue one even. aged malaysian have changed ic 3-4 times i believe, before the blue and red ic i think there was something else, then the one with bar code thing and now this thing with chip. its like all those ridicolous rulling the govt make to enrich their own cronny ppl all the time, wonder what happen to standard no. plates? black box for buses? computer labs for schools, etc etc etc.