Tuesday, February 14, 2006

today is valentine day, when chocolate suddenly becomes non fattening food and roses cost an arm and a leg. everybody is blogging about valentine day, what to buy, where to buy, where to eat, what to eat, what to say, where to do it, where not to do it, what to wear, what to avoid, etc etc etc.

well no worry, i'm not writing anything about valentine, i'm sure many ppl out there already muak listening about valentine this and that. so no worry, no valentine day thingy here.

i'll write about the fairer sex, wonder why it's call the fairer, they are not that fair or fairer comparable to us, anyway, i just want to say some maybe only little words. commenting about ladies, is very difficult, you say the wrong word, bam you are dead, you say the wrong word with a tone, bam bam you are double dead, say i love you with the wrong name, bam bam bam you are totally dead. you get the picture.

men are somehow created by the almighty a little dumber than the fairer sex. i know its not fair, but what to do, god say so mah. dumber in a sense, that we have little emotions or sensitivity understanding. the ladies practically have to tell the guys what is wrong with them, all the folded hands (we think u trying to cover your boobs from us cause we ham sap), stamping of foot, frowning, throwing of dishes, at night have headache (u know the drill, not tonight dear, got headache), we thought all this is because is that time of month again.

we can sent men to moon, create genetically modified genes, find cure for cancer(?), build the world fastest this and that, but when it comes to understanding women, we are dumb folded. we blink and we mumble mambo jumbo, which most of the time, bam bam bam and bam. women have six sense when you talk, their senses heighten when they hear different tones coming from that adam's apple. that would be followed by our body language. next time you want a lie detector machine, use a lady.

of course there are those men who seem to understand women, naturally, as if inbreed, we know them as softer man, it's a nicer way of calling it. but some are not gays, they are gigolows, well if you do that for a living, of course you are better at it. so where does this leave all of us idiots here.

dont lie, be sincere, try to remember everything you said to her because it is important to her, buy nice gifts when its not an occasion, hold her hands, understand her and for heaven sake, please dont push her head down (below your belt) as soon as you are making out!

happy valentine day.

special public apology for someone special.
sorry for today, if i understood you completely from the beginning, then it would be much pleasant. want to eat ice cream at swenson tonight, then you need to call the cook to cancel the fried chicken wings tonight.


melthoo said...

Hi, u just cannot blame it on god making men less sensitive compared to woman all the time. I would love ice cream but make it another day as it will be pack today

Yodaddy said...

actually ducky you can't blame god on this things. Because in the first place god did not create human.It was the other way round! Lets examine:

Let us imagine, humans who had just recently begun civilisation which, obviously lacks the required answer to most things. And so liitle cave boy ask the caveman and cavewoman "pappa, momma where does cavebaby comes from?" after thinking long and hard, the caveman told his son " cavebaby comes from cavegod!" And so a diety comes in to being. Also please note that it was CAVEGOD and not (yet) the other more well known creation. Because Human created god AFTER THIER OWN IMAGE. So millenias pass by and you find all this variety of gods that we see now.

Thats it, i solved the God Genome Project! Now all i need to do is just to make a Species/Genus tree showing how each evolve from its predecessor!

Anonymous said...

i listens to my wife 100% on all matters/comments/opinions/ideas to do things/work/biz/pleasure/fun/holidays... & i will comment by return & we come to a compromise together. Most of the time i always control the situation (wink), sometime i let her control, at my free will

ducky said...

i actually posted anonymous on top, its actually from a friend of mine, lets not give him a name, and he msn me on messenger on this comment, so i cut and paste lah.

as you can see, yoda did it again, creating controversial of the existence of mankind first and then god. i'm speechless yoda.

ducky said...

anonymous also said
most of the time the wife have sixth sense & third eye to see things so its useful to listen to them, after we can analyse together

Yodaddy said...

em ducky, what mean you controversial? i am creating a theory. a very plausible one at that.Let me share the logic with you.
First hipothesis, If there is only one god, naturally if god created man after his own image, then there should be only 1 race of people.
Second hipothesis, if the races of people have existed before god, and they created god after their own image, there would be gods for every race. As you can see the second hipothesis bears a much closer resemblance to our history font you think.