Thursday, February 09, 2006

sarawak tribune licence suspended indefinitely.

I have not seen sarawak tribune's edition which shown the controversial caricatures, maybe they had some add-on to it.

so does this mean that if i reproduce the controversial caricatures of Prophet Muhammad i would be ...... suspended as well ? or drag on my ass to putrajaya ?

but strange enough, knowingly our local govt policy on controversial religious/racial policy, what made the sarawak tribune publish it in the first place.

maybe it was a set-up, on one of the axed editor, or maybe the company was in financial crisis, what better way to be compulsary suspended indefinitely by the govt. but for whatever the reason, it had plenty balls and for that i salute you.

yoda, should i reproduce the controversial caricatures of Prophet Muhammad here ?

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Yoda said...

i think no need lah. its not a big deal. moreover it is not controversial also. It is not like he is like "dua lan gong" in the story by me, the caricature at most also like how they depicted moses in the Prince of Egypt only lah. in terms of damage, i think the danish writer is expecting something like our sammy when he open mouth.
And no, they wont drag your ass to putrajaya!what for? they are gonna force you to become a minister? Rather they could drag you to sungai buloh. in a cell where you can see some drawings like "Anwar was here".

But why go to sungai buloh? lets be all that you can be. Post some satanic verses! i have a softcopy somewhere... dont know can find or not. Now i tell you this satanic verses is something like the story of dua lan gong!