Wednesday, February 15, 2006

do you watch war movies ? you know those wwii or vietnam war movies. one of the things that strike me most about military movies are the lingo that are used by them to communicate with one another. remember tv series combat, when vic morrow was communicating on the radio,"Checkmate King Two"

so what if we were to use it in our everyday life, how would it actually sound like. imagine you are having a conversation on the handphone with dad on the way home for cny.

u: bravo 1, this is blue squadron, do you copy bravo 1
dad: negative, bravo 1,
u: bravo 1, this is blue squadron, i say do you copy
dad: roger that blue squadron
u: eta 0600 charlie 1
dad: copy that blue squadron
u: there's a bogey at 6 o'clock, requesting to release fox 1, fox 2 & fox 3
dad: negative blue squadron, i think you need some go juice now
u: affirmative, started at zero-dark-thirty, do you have my gouge ?
dad: there's a goo coming up at 0400. did you run a routine check
u: nay just Kick the Tires and Light the Fires,
dad: i just hope it's sweet. up to snuff
u: Lost the Bubble
dad: overdose?
u: nay, just some grab ass
dad: copy that, how fast you going
u : Whiskey Charlie, Speed of Heat, Warp One
dad : bravo zulu, but dont get too spooled up, throttle back
u : i need to tank.
dad : you can Check for Light Leaks
u: roger that bravo 1.

Gigahertz and Nanoseconds ?


Yodaddy said...

Very good military talk, the only thing lacking is that it does not have codes to be deciphered by your friends. Your enemy could well know your actions or your positions through your communications. Unless we use our very own Malaysian Windtalkers. i suggest we use Hokkien. We actually have some experience, like our very own kua bat jiu!

Yodaddy said...

and also i will change all my comments in this topic to code messages ala hokkien not very good, have to use english lah. here goes:

how is your "turtle car" that you drive to work everyday?
I also hope that the "monkey that breath fire" didn't do the "bison mating ritual" with you.

ducky said...

wtf is turtle car, monkey that breath fire and bison mating ritual ? is it dua lang gong doing a knnccb on charlie 1 ? other than that my hokkien windtalk is practically non existence, maybe you can post it to the original hokkienlang for confirmation.

Yodaddy said...

you didn't watch windtalkers is it? nmind lah. to follow your trend of military speak, i will blog tonight using military jargon also.