Tuesday, February 28, 2006

looks like every week there is something shitty happening.
last week was shit all over my house. this week is petrol price increase. niamah, how to get a break ?

i did not ping the fuck malaysia post, as the whole pps will be flooded since yesterday with this news. as usual i wanted to be different and original.

so what can i do for originality sake ? i'm not showing my kkc in ducky, ok, yoda. what else can i do, emm, post a single mohammed caricature here ? interesting. here goes.

dont look like one ah ? i tarak say i can draw very well, only took arts until form 3, that one also went to buy a wau for the srp exam. everyone buy batik cloth, i buy wau, what to do always want to be different. but one bugger even terror did a house model project, what was his name, christopher i think, he look a little bit like eddie murphy, but less foul mouth than eddie.

never mind i try again.

that was my best. cant do any better.

did i actually mentioned i would post one? well i drew this one out didnt i, not post. so its not the same lah, correct ? i leave to your own interpretation.


angel said...


u hv not disappoint me ;) **finding pompoms**i'm so cheering u!

btw, the 2nd one cuter and "longer" LOL!

Inevitable said...

errr ... mine much better

my kalkulator

Ah Pek said...

nowadays cannot simply draw cartoon.

Yodaddy said...

hey ducky, is that who i think it is? the first cartoon looks like our friend, mohammed kecil bin kurus. the second wan looks like our other friend, mohamed besar bin panjang....aiyah... i thought u post some real prohet mohamed (khaaaa pui) pictures.

p.s. kha pui bcoz thats waht i notice muslims do when they mention thier prophet

ducky said...

cama back from putrajaya, so fucking hot there one, somemore got ppl want to stay there. why putrajaya nearer to the sun by a couple of degrees is it ? tak jadi want to piss there, because so hot, my kkc all dried up, nothing to shoot.

malaikat - actually the second one more like art piece you find in europe, how they say ? more abstract ah ? i better faster put my watermark there. after ppl copy and make sell for 1,000,000 i nangis oh.

tidak boleh di elak lagi - eh, your cakar ayam drawing no colour lah. like that how to masuk the national art gallery ? i think central market also cannot woh. chow kit maybe got chance lah, the one tammy flu punya, the indon fav lah i think. next we draw somemore and let ahpek be the judge, we can call it "pps cakar ayam drawing competition with paint"

old man - this one not cartoon ahpek, this one call artwork. first time a duck drew some pictures and somemore can color wan. phak chew, phak chew.

knnccb - malay tarak yodaddy, so this is the closest i can find in my kamus. your balls so big, you put lah. my balls 1cm smaller than yours.

Yodaddy said...

ok i put tomorrow,....in your blog lah....u dun cry after that ah!

ducky said...

you put lah in your blog, what for in my blog, your blog got silent readers. safer. suddenly that shireen K drop another atomic and report to home affairs how ?

LosAngelesPrincess said...

how bout you,ah beng,go fuck yourself out of malaysia and go back to your home country,wherever it is?i still dont get it how can u bunch of ppl not be grateful to be living in such a peaceful country.arrogant motherfuckers.try living here under bush administration and see it for yourself!freakin chinese u guys are the same wherever u go:arrogant,ignorant and doesnt have any manners at all.Smart,yes,rich,yes,but NO manners and NO respect for others.
in other words:go fuck yourself.fuck your mother along the way if u want to
yeah and now u can bombard me with everysingle curse words that u know cos im done fucking u over.

ducky said...

dear LAprincess,

my first hate mail, wow, u seem pissed at something but not me. bombard u ? i decide not to because i think you are a little lost. i cannot see how relevant is it my post that you need me to go and fornicate my self and even my mother for that matter. all i did was drew something which i thought was something, and you are telling me about not being grateful and all that shit. you want to go down to your level of insanity and f you ? you would need to do better than that.

Yodaddy said...

hi losangelesprincess! i am yoda, one of the contributors here. not that i agree with you and not that i disagree with you but you seem to be looking for a fight or something. well, you seems to have come to the right place!

I am what you would call an atheist nazi/fundamentalist and i specialise in fucking people over.

Now asshole, let me reply to your comments. lets see..Chinese are the superior race. the rest are merely aborigines when you compare with us. Your trying to say this right? now, not that i disagree with you but lets be more politically correct, ok? Now bend over losangelesprincess so that Yodaddy can show you what a naughty girl you have been.