Wednesday, February 08, 2006

offensive caricature of mohammed.

have you seen the caricature? yes i have and i dont really find it all that funny or amusing, maybe its a danish thing, a scandinavian thing, a helga thing, an ingrid thing. lets not singled out any religion this time okay. when the passion of christ was released then, there was equally dissatisfaction from both side of the camp. i believe kingdom of heaven and schindler list shared the same fate.

religion has always been a sensitive issue, just take that indian moorthy guy for example, indian convert to muslim, now ... controversial. but then again i cant keep to my word, singled out any religion? come on islam is just asking for it.

caricature is for fun, when someone draws a caricature its for laugh, not for the serious head. movies are entertainment, nothing more, enterpretation of the truth in movies are always distorted, just take lotr, the book was fantastically written, but the movie only pleased those who did not actually read the book. movies and shows are just for entertainment and making the big moolahs, if you cant tell the difference, take a flight to pyangpong, pyangpong telecast might just be right for you, nothing distorted, the great kim jong il is king, god and heaven.

am i going to show those caricature of mohammed here ? i dont think so, i like my hair the way it is, and i have no intention for it to be bald.

try searching for jokes on islam and you might get 10 the most i think, i did not search very long as the most results came out negative or none, others site will tell you not to make jokes about islam, if there is, it is in a very clean manner. try typing jokes on christianity or just religous jokes, chances are 90% are christian related.

need i say more ? and like i said before islam have no tolerence.


Yoda said...

why would you sy they got no tolerance? they are just being a good muslim. someone insult thier god, they should all try to kill the person, as ordered by their teaching from their religion.

the question of why you go to church on sunday or muslim go to mosque on fridays? because they are required to by their religion.

now comeback to the problem of insulting god, now, automatically they should kill the person who insulted their god as easily as a no brainer knee jerk reaction.

now do you see the bull shit in all of this? now, if the bible were to contain similiar teaching, i wont be suprised if christians would start to threaten the insulter too!

ducky said...

the bible and the qoran were similiar in a kinda of way. if you have read the bible you would have notice that it was written with a higher level of understanding, so if you are a minion and you read the sacred book, you would take the meaning as it is, but if you are a higher life form, you would understand what the actual behind the meaning is. thus the different interpretation, then of course there are those self proclaim ass holes to be the savior and whatever with their own confused interpretation of the sacred book and of course we ordinary folks who are ever trying to grasp the understanding of the sacred book. maybe hardcore christian would go around kicking ass to whom ever poke fun of their sacred religion. but ask the average christian (me) or the average muslim, we say its all for laugh.

Yoda said...

I have analysed your reply to my comments and have found the true meaning of it :)

The hidden meaning tersirat in the reply is that i have insulted your religion and that you are going to make an attempt on my life or gonna cut off my kukuchiau on such and sucha day when the sun is shining and the car is blue and not a bird in sight.

I see that i should not take litterally anything that the religious person says or risk being a minion or totally misunderstanding the message. After all i am a higher life form.

And i totaly agree with your saying that "some self proclaim asshole saviour" paragraph. The only difference is that you take it to mean those sects and cults and probably Mohamad, if yor a jew, you would also apply it to christians.

You could and probably would criticise other religion. I am the same as you. only i would only criticise one more religion than you.

Lastly the hardcores.It takes a major problem with a humans psychology to become a fundamentalist. Me thinks to become religious already requires some, but a hardcore really would be more psychologically disturbed then a say, serial killer.

a quick joke before ending this counter to your counter comment,

Who would you kill first if you meet a fundamentalist and a serial killer?(one of them is more dangerous than the other. and you could only kill one)

answer : Kill the fundamentalist. And then try to talk reason and logic with the serial killer. you may still survive.

ducky said...

... the sun is shining, the car is blue, not a bird in sight, you missed out the road is straight, which is an unlikely event, as most malaysian roads are crooked.

insult my religion ? i always try to understand all religion, i dont get insulted.

"some self proclaim asshole saviour" is for general and not speciifcaly targeted to muslim only, any asshole for that matter. find some of this christian hippocrite, i'll gladly blog it down.

and yes i would also criticise my own religion, as it have its set back as well, eg, priest that sodomized alter boys and any other boys for that metter.

as for the joke, i would not kill the fundamentalist, but coaxed the fundamentalist to kill the serial killer, which would most probably result in both being dead or me cut into 2.

yoda what do you know of the freemason?

Yoda said...

as much as i know about the red flower society in china during the qing dinasty.

Yoda said...

oops. forgot to reply to your attempt at the joke......
try to coax the fundamentalist? BOOOM! he would blow up your ass. Try to talk to them? BOOM! he would blow the shit out of you.

The moral of the joke is....when faced with a fundamentalist, shoot first, ask question later!
actually the "punch line" of the joke was that you could not reason with a fundamentalist but you may still reason with a serial killer.