Sunday, February 12, 2006

woke rather early this morning, 6 to be precise, cause downloaded a video clip of sophie sweet and did not manage to see it last night. wow she is great. dont know who is sophie sweet? check the net.

so i woke up at 6, as usual check my bit commet, to see whatever shows is completed downloading, nothing everything is incomplete, other than my V which currently i have download 4Gb and uploading 6Gb. i do hope streamyx price for rm88 unlimited would go down, i feel its a little expensive just to pay to surf the net, but with all the free download, then again, 2 original cd would about cover it, right?

anyway, i look out the window, and there is this beautiful pre sunset scenery, which mr. national geography could not resist, took out the canon digital, and snap away, alamak, battery kong!, never mind take less photos. after all its sunday, and sunday is always beautiful. oops got to get ready for church now. church you say? yes yoda i do go to church, i go on my own free wil, not as obligation. other than you i believe most of us have a religion, which most of the time we neglect, until only when the shit hit the fence, then we start to repent, is it too late then? i'm no different from you.

for once photos without sarcastic remarks.


cyber-red said...

the pictures are nice except for the satellite dish!! spoils everything else lol

Dragon City said...

the scene look damn nice during the dark...but when the light coming in...the construction area spoil it.. = (

ducky said...

dear cyber-red,

i tried to take the pictures without the sat dish, but did not
turn out nice, without the dish the 2 towering block will be left out and the pictures look cacat like no. 2. no. 2 look like a bloody sky.

anyway liked the way you took the pictures in your blog, they look very natural. to me photos should be always naturally taken.

ducky said...

dear dragon city

could not have said it any better than you, thank you. the 3rd picture looks the nicest with the const. site in the dark. and the sky ever changing. from my answer, you would know i know nothing about photography, i see, i snap, thats all, the rest thanks to modern technology.