Thursday, February 09, 2006

i though all this talk about the first malaysian astronaut, was just coffee shop talk, and all the short listing of candidates was just malaysian way of wasting money. but now they actually have the 8 finalist candidate. check them out, extract from the star.

1. Malaysia Airlines pilot Mohammed Faiz Kamaluddin;
2. AirAsia pilot Kelvin Lim Hock Seong;
3. Automotive designer Mohd Bostami Ahmad;
4. Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan medical officer Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor;
5. Royal Malaysian Armed Forces dental surgeon Faiz Khaleed;
6. Esso Malaysia Bhd machinery engineer Muhammad Husaini Hashim;
7. Engineer and project manager Norazlan Shah Mahadi; and,
8. Senior quality engineer S. Vanajah, who is the sole female candidate.

so there are 2 pilots, 2 dr and 4 engineers, your average malaysian ? not a chance.

if it was my pick, i would list the following ppl

1. malaysian most influential blogger - jeff ooi
2. mr. rocketman of course - lim kit siang
3. malaysian funniest blogger - kenny sia
4. mr. niamah - patrick teoh
5. 1 cd/vcd/dvd seller
6. 1 roti canai mamak
7. 1 student
8. 1 ah sow

the reason, being

1. malaysian most influential blogger would be about the only person that would understand all the astronaut lingo, bandwith, mach speed, and all those blinking lights. and of course we want him to blog all about it in screenshots without cencorship.
2. lim kit siang is to prove to some of the umno members that the dap rocket can really fly.
3. kenny sia, we need a funny blogger, jeff ooi will be explaining in details technical terms we all cant understand, kenny sia can simplyfied it. and anyway they might need some comic relief during the long trip.
4. patrick teoh, who else better to niamah about it in his blog
5. 1 cd/vcd/dvd seller, represent the most sold commoditties in malaysia, come rain or shine, and at the same time provide some "in house" entertainment for th long journey.
6. 1 roti canai mamak, malaysian staple food, who can leave without roti canai, nasi lemak or teh tarik and the telur setengah masak in the morning.
7. 1 student, this being 1st for malaysian, youngest astronaut
8. 1 ah sow, who better to gossip to the entire malaysia about the other 7 ppl bad habits, and make exagerated story about the trip.

anyway, in realty, the whole project is a total waste of money, as we do not really need astronaut, as we dont even have a space program, you know as much as i do, that this is just for show off, just like our twin towers, sepang airport and F1 circuit.


Yoda said...

remember the joke about the malay, chinese and indian astronaut? this is something like that la. govt sponsor astronaut 100 mil but 50 mil goes in to someones pocket. and then just to make all this seems less immoral, they arrange for those astronaut hopefuls in to format of academy fantasia or malaysian idol! what the fuck do they mean by finalist of astronaut? do we get to vote thru SMS?

but on the matter of space travel, do you know that there are still some people who thinks that american moon landing is a hoax and that a rocket ship is impossible? those fundamentalist bastards..can never think out of the book. or if you prefer, they are minions.

Anonymous said...

I can bet my last ringgit the selected "astronaut" would be a towering Malay for sure. 10000:1 odds?

ducky said...

so if the joke is true, then S. Vanajah will be going to space with as Anonymous said 10,000:1, sure malay, Malaysia Airlines pilot Mohammed Faiz Kamaluddin, to up hold the credibility of MAS of course oever air asia.

Anonymous said...

so far the selection has been laid down by the Russian space agency, in which the Malaysian national space agency (NSA), and yes, we DO have a space programme - simply follows the requirements and shortlists accordingly. The space programme has been going on for years and this selection for roughly 2 years. So guys, no offence, but try to be alil more supportive n optimistic :)

ducky said...

so you are all gung ho for this malaysian space programme, and supportive if i may add. i cant support this nsa programme as it's just another malaysia boleh crap. lets built the tallest this and that, new airports whether we need it or not, F1 circuit whether any malaysian have the interest or not, scenic bridge whether singapore likes it or not, smart tunnel to channel excess water flow during raining season. i bet after the heavy down pour, the smart tunnel will be filled with rubbish and garbage. nsa programme ? give me a damn good reason why ? dont give me all that crap about malaysia boleh or open our doors to foreign investment for however imaginative possible or encourage malaysian to further study in this field. give me a dman goos reason and i'll shut up.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the reason y we need a space program if some families in some remote village still lacks the basic necessity of water and power. And our local hospitals still lacks specialist like for cancer or AIDs. And our roads still in very bad shape and many rural schools still lacks good teachers due to poor pay. And last and not least, our fuel price is still going up!! To hell with StarTrek program.

ducky said...

why so many anonymous one leh, you all the same bugger ah ? if not i have to call no. 4.
bingo, that was what i was hinting for. basic infrastructure not in order, and we want to shoot someone up to the moon.
let's start chanting,
no space programme !
no space programme !
no space programme !

no4 said...

The next thing u know, Malaysia would want to have our own space research centre (MASA-Malaysia Angkasa Sesat Agency), maybe our own area 51 somewhere arong Terengganu where everyone knows it exist but dont know where it is. The reason of course to study on all the 1.5 million aliens who came into Malaysia from Singapore and lost to to don't know where. Maybe they have taken malaysian as their parasite host.

ducky said...

of course we must, its a matter of national pride, 1st astronaut in asia, then 1st space center in asia oso. billions of course will be spent, and since we dont have expertise, we have to hire some chris and pay him rm7,000 a month. at the end of course, the programme will be scrap eventually, when the dana runs out and reasons cited will be malaysian ground too soft to support a space shuttle, further more mns, sam, wwf & spca dont agree of experiment with orang utan in space shuttle.