Friday, February 10, 2006

thought i do a movie review

footloose (1984)

kevin bacon, city kid moved from chicago to a small town. funny thing about the small town is that dancing and rock and roll music are banned by the authorities. so kevin decide to take on the authorities to hold a senior prom night with music and dancing. this was the movie that gave kevin the break through to super stardom i think. kevin did a lot of dancing in this show, sort of like mr. pilot john travolta in saturday night fever, which also shot him into super stardom. kevin is 48 years old this year.

the soundtrack is great, i've downloaded it from the net, and i'm playing it everday to work.


5xmom said...

Yeap, I watched that movie in the cinema. (before cineplex was born, there were cinemas....) But I prefer an earlier movie, Flashdance. That time oso heng dancing show like Dirty Dancing.

ducky said...

yes i was born before the days of cineplexes, i believe then it was between shaw brothers and cathay cinema. ticket prices in our kampung cost like rm1.50-2.50, and dont forget to buy your sun flower seed kuaci. flashdance and dirty dancing, both too much dancing for me.

Jee said...

I watched it quite some years ago, from tv. Can't remember any bit of it other than the theme song..

Yoda said...

yeah i remember, i saw it in pirated vhs tape!