Sunday, February 12, 2006

today is chap lak meh ! happy chap lak meh to you all.

never heard of chap lak meh before ? this is because you city boy/girl not kampung boy like me. chap lak meh is the day you start to take down all your cny decorations, like the tang lung (some ppl hang from moon cake festival until cny over, easier mah), then all those leftover oranges give to chen and jacky, they seems to want it, i dont know why. all the cookies have to see whether masuk angin or not, if masuk angin, feed the dog lah, dont feed the cat, the bloody cat wont eat one, i tried before. then you wash all the empty containers to dry. after that give back to your mother to make more cookies next year. your mother will be so proud, all her cookies you and the dog finish it oledi.

all the box drink, can drink, put back in the store room, wait for special occasion to open again. all the dry meat and chicken floss, do "long yoke min pau" lah. then you need to clean the aquarium, because during cny, ppl come to your house and they throw things into the fish tank, they think fish like dog, eat anything you give. if your fish blur blur, then someone poured some carlsberg or o kow oledi.

and near finally, weigh yourself and measure your waist, very happy leh, very prosper leh. and lastly you see those papers pile up like the twin tower in your kiv and in tray, start workingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!


5xmom said...

Yahor, I must start taking down all the red red thing from my roof to the ground.

Yoda said...

special occasion lah like the time when i and dkcb came and visit your house on November 2004, you got the balls to give us calsberg that u bought on the CNY 2004!

ducky said...

i think that was new eve 31/12/04 not november 04, and it was tiger not carlsberg. since you guys did not finish the beer, my tiger for cny 2004 is still in my fridge!

ducky said...

lilian what red thing you throw on the roof ?

Yoda said...

wah 2 year old beer. open the can and drink lah. sure very steam one!
but comeonlah, 2 years also so little special ocassion? oklah help you finish the tiger lah. lets set a time and call the old gangs over. that is if your wife(warden) allows