Wednesday, February 22, 2006

one of the bank i like the most is public bank. and the worst bank is definitely southern bank ("sbb"). have you been to a public bank counter, if you get a number that indicate that your turn comes in like 20 more, fret not, if you are in public bank, the wait wont be more than 10-15 minutes. most of the time the counters at least 4-5 counters are open, and the tellers are superfast, even the pau thau are as fast, makes you wonder doesnt it. maybe if we sent them packing to china, taiwan or singapore, they can be improve. try going to sbb, 2-3 counters open, the rest i have no idea what they are doing, try lunch time, 1 counter. which stupid idiot would want to continue patronising this bank. this idiot, as they offer direct access gold card for prof grad. maybe its my branch only, nut i doubt it.

which bring me to here, this dr, this dr of mine, which i dont patronise anymore, run his clinic like a check out counter. he dont do sweet talk, he'll screw you if he likes, any he doesnt smile. but is he good ? his patients cards are stack up to the ceiling all around the 3m x 3m pharmacy. sitting and standing patients is similar to nrd counter during last year dead line to renew free ic. time frame per patient ? give and take 2-3 minutes tops, you come in, sit down, he'll ask you whats wrong, he'll ask 2-3 question, basic diagnosis, and walah, he'll tell you what you have and you get lost. if you imagine in your head what it was like, it was like this.

stand up, go in to clinic, sit down, open mouth, listen to your chess and stomach, walah you have the fever, stand up, get lost, take medicine. if thats not fast i dont know. and the fees, you must be wondering, cheap, rm20-30.

longest i was in there, was when he had to cut my bisul. it was the size of rambutan, and he said it need to be cut, i said like now, he ask me to strip to my underwear, i hesitated, as there was a nurse, but since my bisul hurt so much, i did not care. he jab my bisul to make it blur, then he proceed to cut me. funny thing was i felt the knife cut through my flesh, and that hurts like hell, i told him that and he ask me to suck it up. one time it hurt so much, i had to grip the mattress cover hard, you imagine, i'm lying face down, with my underwear pulled down, with the nurse there starring at my bisul, and he like be cutting for fun, while i cried like a baby, it felt like some banggali was tearing up my asshole with his kkc, and all the while, the nurse was having this sly smile.

race of this doctor, a chinese of course, my preference for a doctor has always been an indian. and my present doctor, i call him superpillai. always the reassuring voice, nothing to worry about, take the medicine and everything will be a ok.

next time.


Yodaddy said...

It is also applicable if you try to call the banks! public bank is best. they almost like cross train their staff. in other banks only 1 person can do 1 thing. so if that person is busy, they will put you on hold indefinitely. some bank,like MBB or HLBB, they dont even pass the line for you. they give you the number and ask you to call it on your own! suprisingly, Eon bank is good. For someone who associate themself with the tin can, they are efficient in helping your banking needs. And finally, SBB. they are so similiar with MBB, they should merge instead. they have the same mentality with MBB while being like 1/100 the size.

Shireen K said...

er... how u know bangali kkc ....errmmmm.. can tear your backside wo..

ducky said...

you not yet see bangalli boy kkc, last time in skool, my bangali friend 12 year old, kkc like a foot long. cannot tear backside ah ? you try loh, later dont cry oh.

anthraxxxx said...

i have similar experience on the bisul cutting ritual.