Friday, February 24, 2006

Ducky is cleaning his shit so...

Anyone on blogspots ever regreted adding a teammate to their blog? is that so? ducky will be in good company then. hahaha

As my first objective after i sucessfully infiltrate this blog, i am gonna blog about the wacky duck himself( mostly a little bit). The following information that is about to be revealed are information collected through mamak stall sessions , which makes some of it prone to exaggerations and self praise(you know how guys talk in mamak stall lah) AND some convenient memory lapses by me.

At what age have you got your first taste of porn? If i remember correctly, ducky was saying he first rented porn from an indian shop in taiping when he was in his mid teens! Something like 14 or 15. Sons of a bitch! And right in the middle of the Golden Age of Porn somemore! This was the time when porns was made for theather not those made for video like those that we have today.

But then, Big deal.... i also got see porns during that golden age mah, i have access to "father's collection". Most guys would know what i am talking about. i got this feeling that males are born with the instinct to search out this treasure of all treasures when they are home alone. But, only some are born with the wits and skills to rewind the tape (pre-VCD/DVD) back to the original state before putting it back in EXACTLY the same spot. Even rarer is the ability to quickly dismantle the VCR in case of blackout and MANUALLY rewinding it back to the exact scene using a metal spoon!
I shit you not! take it from me. I have lost some of my best buddies due to blackout. Everytime i see my friends with visible rotan marks on their legs, we exhanged knowing nods that i know that he knows that i KNOW his house got no electricity yesterday.

But back to Ducky. He got the good fortune of having this 'connection' to be able to rent blue(porn) tapes. But what i dont understand is, by what means did he have to pay the very expensive deposit that is required to rent porn? during my time ( a few years later than Ducky)was RM 50 per tape deposit. The mystery clears up a little when one day when we were having some discussions about taiping, he was there talking about the good old times when he mentioned that his porn dealer, the indian tape shop, was no longer in business. And in its place was a bicycle shop. With my imagination, i could almost visualize that Ducky have to leave his bicycle with the indian man everytime he go and borrow blue tape. It must be ironic that when people start to skip out on the indian man with the blue tape, he amassed enough bicycle to open a bicycle shop.

But i dare not ask Ducky whether he left his bicycle there as a deposit or not. Because i scared when i ask him, he will start to cry like that : " Actually ah...woowoohoo...i...i..let the indian man screw my backside so i can borrow blue tape woh"


Ah Pek said...

wanto to see blue films now can get free from wings.

ducky said...

i did try ahpek, but cannot one, maybe wingz simpan dalam poket oledi.

Inevitable said...

Damn I like your blog.

angel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ducky said...

angel, kampung name cannot mentioned. but if you know my kampung, but i dont recall ever writing down in my blog, then you must be my cuz, right or not? but which cuz so free, no need to work ah?

angel said...

how could u delete my comment??? where's freedom of speech???

You go and READ all your WHOLE BLOG. WORD FOR WORD.

*arms akimbo*

ducky said...

oklah maybe i did write, you know lah how we write, at the spur of moment, we tembak everything out. checking? where got check one, this one not 1119.

ducky said...

thanks for dropping by inevitable, glad you like it.

i dont normally delete comments, but comments on revealing of my identity nature, are not encourage, if u know me, you can always email me or tell story that i know of at a certain kampung. i'm sure many will agree.
any other comments rest asure would not go through finas.

but come to think of it, i think you are right angel, i dont want to be like the govt, censoring what they feel we should not know. but i dont know how to undo the delete, why dont you recomment, better yet, i'll change "kampung to the original text.

ducky said...

i actually haven't really read through the entire post until, now. in the morning i just merely check that my name wasnt in the post.

thats how yoda & me started blogging, i soot him he soot me back, i double soot him, he drag my cat, my pet fish, my porn and soot me, that how it goes, but it's all for fun.

how true is the story, quite rather true, but as to the age, i believe i was younger, around 11/12. about the bicyce shop, i dont remember, the indian guy, name ? if u live in taiping then, you would know rahmat for sure.
and no, i wasnt screwed by any aneh.

angel said...

well, if u tembak in YOUR OWN blog but din check, AND ping pps, not MY fault right??

i shalt forgive u eventhough u didn't even apologise.

*still sulking*

Yodaddy said...

hahah ducky! when i say you are 14 -15, you should have made the smartmove and kept quiet! as it is now there will be more doubts on your plead of innocense. How in the world can a 11-12 year old boy afford to borrow blue? so if u didnt get screw in the ass, perhaps u suck the brinjal or something like that.

actually ducky about the soot-ing, i start to soot first, then you soot back then i give an overwhelming soot until you run back crying to your video shop aneh.