Sunday, February 26, 2006

mind thoughts

1. taylor hicks is in the top 10 without a doubt, but beautiful babe becky donahue was sent packing home, simon commented her that she might do well in the modelling business. i thought so.

2. i have not actually seen anyone posting up the 12 caricatures of mohammed in pps, and i wonder why, is it because the moderator have taken it down or pps pingers have no balls. apparently nstp can do it and got away scott free, but the sarawak tribune and a chinese daily were somehow not. this is racist ? fuck the chinese and the dayaks?

3. bird flu in malaysia, and the govt sprang into action. the last time around, with JE, the govt was rather slow in reaction, and when they did, they culled every single pigs they could lay their hands on. pilih kasih again ? malays dont eat babi, so nevermind, let a few thousand chinese parish why not? and chicken being the no.1 cunsumable meat for the malays, of course actions have to be taken to ensure the continueing surviving of their mf race.

4. sabah down being populated by other muslim races other than the kadazan is of course another proof of eradicating the non-muslim majority in that state. and at what course ? at any course for sure and at whatever means necessary.

5. pak lah for Pm is definitely the worst pm we ever had in our life, his image as the mr softy, mr. do good little is not giving him any credibility anymore. ppl are walking all over him, khairy is running loose like the tasmanian deviln in looney toones, and every minister is like the road runner, pit-pit.

6. we are all a little sick with mega projects that do not benefit the whole malaysian context, but only to a few, what i cannot understand is why must govt tenders and projects must be so inflatable high. is this the only way to ensure that the malays have nasi lemak on their dinner table every night? the govt is elected by the ppl, so why are they spending our money like its their very own. if the govt were to be a malaysia corporation, it would definitely be like all other failed glc. mas, tnb, eon, etc, etc, etc.

whole purpose is to show that the malay can do whatever the world can do, cannot do also must berlagak like can do, dont know also must berlagak like know, no money also must berlagak like very rich. all these have been written millions of times by ppl with like wise thinking, and for a good reason. we are tired and sick, that the mf malays must still be fed like a baby after too many long years. personally i and the whole non-malay community hate to pay any form of taxes to the govt, as it is money not wised paid, as all this funds will be used for the progress of their own ppl, which is like a baby that cannot grow up to walk or better yet dont want to walk.

i'm quite sure there are also a lot of malays that are well independent of the govt funds and can walk all by themself, and hate all this labelling as well, for them you are much needed for a new malaysia. but as long as the govt behave and react like a charity org for the malays, i will continue to think like wise.


Yodaddy said...

ducky ah, actually ah, your political post is not working lah. you might have little birdie like jeff ooi but you still cannot convince people to go protest in PWTC and burn umno flags lah. therefor i am recommending a new topic to blog. On top of yur real life stories and A. Idol, you might want to include religious matters in to your blog. you put religious related matters sure hebat wan. if you too busy i can post something for you(tell me the topic, i can write it)!

some post that i would like to write is titled
"Human thinks god is a male.Does god have a kukucheow?"
or "Golden rule : do not do to others what jesus will fuck you up kau kau if you do."

what say you? just tell me and i will post it!

ducky said...

as you can see now i just put up a title to it, not much of a political thingy put what was on my mind at the very moment without finas. you have not read 2days post i presume.