Friday, February 24, 2006

what i tell you, see what i tell you, taylor hicks for american idol.
now he is in top 12 guys, sure masuk top 10 punye. his singing is like his idol, ray charles, and he moves like ray charles as well.

soulman - taylor hicks

but how about the girls you ask ? girls i dont know, i tarak tengok. but i saw this girl, very cun. you see, cun or not ?

yummy, becky o'donohue

so cun what for sing song, pose for playboy or penthouse better.

did you guys heard (old news) that indonesia will be having a version of penthouse or playboy soon, or maybe out oledi, i dont know. indon issue, who got ? who got ?, scan and put in puretna, i go download, terima kasih.

now u know AI got lengloi, sure you want to see AI now. but beware hor, some girls not that leng wan and somemore 1 guy also tak lengchai, look like small boy only. you see for your self.

look at tooth pick boy

no girl picture, cause all can tahan lah, but never mind one, i give you one.

"she bangs, she bangs, and she moves.."

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heavend said...

echo1, first boogie sighted and looks like the boss is coming. cross hair shows clear to the next objective. how does it look from there? it looks like a fly to me from here. and at 0300 hours to acquire historical site where it looks like they chew the cud. Finally to complete the mission, target the sissy without glasses.