Thursday, February 16, 2006

what happen when military man (mm) talked with wahseehokienlan (hkl)?

mm: echo bravo, echo bravo, this is big red 1, do you copy
hkl: ?????
mm: echo bravo, this is big red 1, do you copy
hkl: lu see tiang ? chi peng boh cho blavo eh, see mee lang see big led 1 ?
mm: we are under heavy enemy shower, we are surrounded by pigs and grease gun, request flyboy support asap.
hkl: wah see hokien lan, lu ha mik tai chi ? wah a ah moh, tam pok tam pok, ok leh, lu ai cang aik ah ? lu kawan too kniah chin chair ewe eh.
mm: it was supposed to be a sop, but it has turned into a cluster fucked, we got jarhead fubar all over the place and in deep six trouble. what is the eta on freedom bird ?
hkl: lu kong ha mik langciau ? wa chai lu ai chang aik, lu boh sabun wah a hor loo, loo my kan wah eh? limpeh eh heow fuck eh ?
mm: cut the mother fucking charlie shit okinawa ? whtever it is Go tell it to the chaplain, i need those choppers Most riki-tic.
hkl: knn wah ka loo kong was see teng lang, mm see jepun kniah, wah mm see chalie chaplin, wah chee kang, chin tulan leow.
mm: ok charlie, it looks like General Confusioni, my jarheads are turning into horse cock, so i need to speak to a full bird honcho now.
hkl: loo chin goo eh ? wah chee pak tau ka loo kong wah see hokien lan, loo pun bay see see gong gong. chee kang lu ka wah kong lu eh kookoocheow pean beh lan, wah chin blur liao? wa kham tien weh kah hor oh.klick.


5xmom said...

LOL, is this your own creation? Wah, as funny as the wasihokkienlang blog.

hokkienlang said...

wtf? lol

Yodaddy said...

wa zai nyah lu you say religion in hokkien ah? i am no good in hokkien lah. but i have to keep up with the traditional atagonist remarks to your post. so you wait for a few hours while i get my comments translated. lu dan che eh, wa chui wa ge peng yu lai dao ka chiu!

ducky said...

as much as i know, its ori all the way, took me a couple of hours just to look for the military lingo and understanding it and then apply it. hokkien part was slighty better as i speak hokkien as well, but a banana like cheng sim, so the spelling might run a little.

dear hokkienlang,

i wasnt very sure how you would react to all of this, maybe you even might sue cow me, so take some precautios loh. maybe you can help change some spelling error!!!

i have no idea what religion is call in hokkien, but christians are call "siow sin yeh sow"

Yodaddy said...

ic . my hokkien not very good, but my cantonese is ok wan. "siow sin yeh sow"? In cantonese it would sound like "beware!wild animals". A fitting description.

ducky said...

yoda, my correction, after consulting with one the leading professor in hokkienlang, this i learned.
ker ling ngah kauh-indian religion
hong kauh-christian
hood kauh-buddhist
hence religion is kauh.

beware wild animals ? sound more like mandarin.

Yodaddy said...

yeah actually mandarin plus cantonese. well what can i say, i should twist the facts to fit the theory as so many religious scholars do. afrer all, we atheist moves in mysterious ways. you can never guess our intention.

hokkienlang said...

huh? no lah. i wasn't pissed leh. glad to see someone blogging in hokkien.



Yodaddy said...

really ah ducky? or kauh i know lah. guiness stout.
Now religion sounds like dog. Well, not exactly a perfect description, but acceptable lah. i am a very cincai person wan.

But seriously, i think i am a bit phonetically challenged on reading dialects. There is this cantonese blog, i remember reading it and like took me hours to understand what they're saying.

now a confession. let start with (youre catholic?) forgive me padre for i have sinned....i actually dont know what the fuck Ducky is saying in this blog entry. mumble mumble mumble...father, son and the holy spirit...mumble... mumble..amen.

ducky said...

not katolik.

if i translate not so funny lah. but since you so desperate have to confess to pa-de-ri.

- who are you? here no blavo, who is big led 1
- wah si hokkien lang, wats up, my english is so-so, u want shower ? you friend with pig sure gleasy 1.
- wtf, i know you want shower, but you no soap, i can give, you dont have to fuck me, i know what is fuck.
- knn i told you wah si hokkien lang, i no japanese also not charlie chaplin, i very the tulan oledi
- why you so stuborb, i told you i hokkien lang, you no listen, now you say your kkc is turning into a horse dick, i'm very blur, i'm going to hang up already.

HOOAH ! to hokkienlang.