Saturday, February 11, 2006

yoda taught me how to blog actually, and it started in july 2005, so that means in june 2005 i dont even know what is a blog. never even heard of it. well if you have seen my first blog, you'll be shock no doubt. but 1 thing remain the same, picture will be accompanied by sarcastic remarks.

anyway, i was so hurry to start blogging, that i never really took time to fill up all the particulars about me, of course everything will be there except my name and photo, cause i dont know how to do that (photo i mean), i'm not very IT literate ok. most of what is writen is very true, to the last sentence.

before i forget, the freaking mantis appeared again in the evening, so i caught it put it in a jar and took it down stairs and left it in the garden. hope it doesnt fly up again. mr. lipas, squashed on my front door.

that is the fucking wire, you bite you'll
be praying your mantis is still alive


Yoda said...

has it been 8 months already? seems like it was only last week that we were trying to peek at dua liap's "eyes"
Strange i dont remember teaching you anything. Maybe looked at my http and copy and paste the codes! just joking. BTW what happened to your earlier entries? deleted? have you deleted your masterpiece? Mine is still there. i did not delete it. kept those memorable moments cyberfrozen in time.

ducky said...

all my entries are still there. july issue still there, all those about dua gong, dua lan gong, dua sheng, dua nao, dua keh cha boh, dua khang, dua liap, dua batoh, dua siah, dua kah, fond memories, that would be like 1977(1979?) star wars then now return of the sith. oops not forgetting miow-miow, yes i've seen the "pink" slip of the eye photo you send me, great shot, wonder who took it, and wonder what happen after that! threesome? foursome? we should celebrate when we hit 1 year, post our pictures on the blog kind of thing as thank you to the visiters, what you think ? just show yoda and kermit the frog only mah. LOL.