Wednesday, July 27, 2005

if you click on the above link you will be able to read some funny stories about a group of people with nothing else better to do but to plant potatoes, play with cangkul, have funny names, look like a frog, etc. but nothing was said about the author, being a good of friend of the author, i thought i might share some light as to how the author looks like. as you can guess, the picture on the left is the author, i believe an endangered species from the hills of kajang. a genetically created thingy with the head of the racoon and the body of a black bear.

being a good friend of dua sheng as well,
i felt some injustice has been said about the person,
dua sheng is actually very large.

this is the mess he left after the explosion, i think this was call the hujan air mani batu.
dua nao was shock beyond believe
dua nao as a child, (notice the parent trying to drown him!) die ! die ! u little bastard
dua nao parents: "lu ghee thiau hai la! wah bo bak chew see"

dua nao noticing how small his brother was

thinking of "thiau hai"

dua nao free time, is spent by freaking small animals with s&m, "kerjatangan"

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HeavenD said...

i think i got more kermit the frog picture than you can use Nat Geo pics.....heheh