Thursday, February 23, 2006

tiu, tiu, tiu,
tiu nia ma, when came back today from work, on the tap, and what the fuck you know, no water, no fucking warning, no fucking nothing, just like that, no fucking water. no electric, is ok, sleep telanjang only. no water, very tiu nia mah punya. our apartment dont have individual tank, so i think lah, so if no water, means no water, not a fucking dripplet.

somemore just brought my kids back from the babysitter, the babysitter always let my son wear the lampin, so its cooler. sampai rumah, i was checking for some water left when that bugger pang sai in his lampin, and he did a hell of a big pile, somemore drip down from his lampin, then he run all over the house. we got no water, now we got shit boy running all over the house with shit dripping and dropping all over the house, i very the sakit kepala.

caught that little shitty, cannot spank his backside cause full of shit, no water so cannot wash the lampin, found enough water just to wash the shit off him, then we took the wet tissue to wipe the shit off the floor, chair, table and whatever lah. any where i miss, i dunno lah.

all this reminded me of the drought in 1997 i think. when our taps ran dry for a couple of months. i was staying in those walk up apartment, and i was on the 3rd floor, water truck came once every 2-3 days. 1st few times, i only manage 1-2 pail only. eventually i was doing 3-4 rounds up and down with 2 pails every round. actually grew bicebs bigger than arnie.

strange that we get rain fall all year long, and still we get water shortage. this water ppl say, yes rain, but not in water catchment area. wtf is not in water catchment area, modify the fucking thing lah. it's even ridiculous that we need to sell water to singapore, while we dont have enough to use. i think all this load of crap about water catchment area is bull. the water is there but they are selling it to somewhere.

somemore the bugger that jaga air one, must be areal sob. if the dam is half empty, even when it was going at 3/4 full, and there is no rain, tell someone lah, water drying up fast. but nooooooooooo, the mother have to wait until very critical level, only he realised, alamak no water oledi, you all water ration loh. wtf. if you are that sob, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. if you know that sob, pls go and fuck the bugger for me, if that bugger is your parent, also fuck him for me, if he is your sibling, whack kau his head for me and if you are that sob, tiu niamah chow hai.

* today cannot be funny, because no water to shit and got a lot of shit to wash.


Yodaddy said...

actually ducky, the only catchment area we need to look out for is the hulu langat dam. it supplies >50% of KL&Sel water. no news of it drying soon but if the water treatment plant got maintenance, like pum rosaklah, foreign worker drown lah then might interrupt water in lots of places. i thought you should know about this...first CGE..then vivendi puncak niaga...same people untung, different company name.

angel said...

LOLOLOL!! shit farnie rant :P

btw, gentlemen, u both always tok serious to each other eh?

ducky said...

its not my fault if yoda insist on writing so serious shit, so i also have to comment like a serious shit! shit, full of shit today.

Yodaddy said...

angel, maybe years of conditioning by my job has made me write things in this straight forward and seemingly serious way, purely out of habit. as ducky will no doubt be 'shitting'the whole way today, i think i would have cause to regret if i dont take this opportunity to further psyche him up. Afterall this is one of the rare appearance of ducky's moodier days. So ducky, may you unleash the demon in you. release the dogs of war, ducky. bring out the wild beast in you and punch 'dua lan gong' and 'dua kah'.