Saturday, February 11, 2006

have you ever been mistaken for a waiter or somebody else ?

i have, and i'm not talking about those fancy restaurant, which i cannot afford anyway. i'm referring to you mamak shop, chicken rice shop, bah kut teh shop, steam boat shop, basically your kopitiam lah.

since i never had a maid or nanny, we were taught to clean up after you eat, sweep and mop the floor, paint the house, do your bed just short of cooking and ironing my school shirt, which have heat element, which is dangerous of course.

so i'm used to doing thing myself, you go to the mamak, your kari ikan, run out, you go get it yourself, lazy bugger, even yoda cannot do that. you have steam boat, your soup run a little low, you go tambah yourself lah, this is when the confusion starts, ppl all over is going to yell, "kar suey" like i'm going to care lah. from taking my own utensils to baby chair i'll do it myself. even to the extent of "kar shiut" or "kar thong" or "kar liu". come on lah this is a kopitiam, not your hotel restaurant, get up and walk, do a little exercise.

so what do i normally do , when ppl get me confused ? normally i dont give 2 fuck, i'll just walk to my sit, i'm not going to explain anything. once i sit down, everything is settled, then we'll see who is red faced.

i was once mistaken for an ikea staff, yeh thats right. i was there in a blue pants and yellow t-shirt, and this women, which accidentally turn out to be aishah, remember aishah, that gal that sings with that aussie band some 10++ years ago. but she look much different now, being mmph,...... being mmph...... fat and all. yah something like sharifah aini, so she said excuse me, can you get me...., so i was like reacting the usual malaysian way, i turn around, and look if there was somebody else she was calling, nope, she was calling, me, maybe i was in a good mood that day, so i politely said, i dont work here, she apologised.

ever seen malaysian stars out there in the public?, i dont go down to bangsar or hartamas, so i've never seen them there, i mean shopping complex like that lah. i saw yang yang once walking by petaling street, you know he looks small on tv, but actual person, he looks like a 6 footer. then that malaysian director aziz osman, i think, he was in klcc, then this is hilarious, i saw amy of seacrh in his skin tight pants pushing a pramp in ampang point, he look like petite man. yes he is small, yoda know i'm not big as well, but he look like a school boy size. the funny thing was i wanted to go up to him for a autograph, but then i thought, we'll give him some privacy lah. so what was so hiliarious, as i was going home, i was playing a scene in my mind of what if i have met him, it would go something like this. "hey awie, i'm a greAt fan of yours, love your performance, can i get a autograph" AWIE?????


cheayee said...

if u go overseas, you do everything by yourself.

here, we are all pampered over-spoilt brats.

what to say lar?

thats the way we do things here.
just wait till the cost of labour goes up.

ducky said...

cost of labour go up? how to go up lar, got no minimum wages, rubber tapper still make rm300 per month, indon maid even more!, when indon maid become too expensive, maybe we get bangla maid!