Saturday, February 11, 2006

i've just about downloaded the complete season of tv series V, after 10 days is still not done yet, still have 0.2% which is about only 8mb, but there seem to be no seeder or peer with the balance of this file, poor me. total size is abt 4Gb++.

do you remember V, lizardnation try to rule earth, something like that. i watched chapter 1 last night, and the acting and special effects was omg, lame, but that was the early 80s, what do you expect. maybe i can convert to dvd and sell it in a 3-4 dvd pack and make some money for my effort, i think rm20 for a pack of 3-4 should be ok. interested? well first i need to get my winavi to work. everytime i convert some dvd shows, it tergantung, dont know why, convert vcd, ok, damn.

oh lucky me, as i was writing this blog, my bit commet just informed me that i have just completed downloading V. wheres the champagne. sky juice will do. yeepee.

yeepee? you guys ever played settlers 2? i believe there is settler 4 now, anyway i remember in settler 2, whenever the guy with white hair goes out to look for minerals, and if he found something, he'll exclaim yeepee!

anyway, my post today is about 2 insect, the roach and the praying mantis.

somehow a very large roach, it was large to me ok, abut 5-6cm i think appeared in my bathroom, we got rid of it of course, then the next day, a praying mantis. a roach is fine, but a praying mantis? i live in the city for crying out loud, where in the world did the praying mantis came from? did you know the mantis can fly? yes but rather slow and unstable, it tried to kill me i guess, as i was trying to get it out of my home. anyhow check out my national geography photos of my intruders.

come lipas i'm ready

that is encik lipas, monk

this one bonus photo, it's amoth right

shit the mantis bit my kkc, better run

ooi come back here you coward


Yoda said...

tok...tok..tok...yippee! burn me 1 dvd of V yeah! in addition of being malaysians first Astronaut you became malaysia's first to ciplak the ozzie crocodile hunter. But you are the bugs hunter because of the extreme close up of those pictures, you must have went to many life treatening situation while taking those photos! now i could almost imagine you saying " tats a beaautifu girl this madagascar cockroach she is, and how do i know it is a girl? all my insects are female. bcoz i was born with a type of hormone which only attracts female bugs! "

Lin Peh said...

The manthis kung fu was invented when someone saw the manthis fighitng. Lin Peh wonder Pakcik u got invent anything after watching them in close up. ;-)

Yoda said...

Ducky, Lin Peh is wondering whether you have observed any Kung Fu as in martial arts. Not Kungfu as in on the bed kung fu you know. dun give something like "the cockroach wing spreadeagle position" or the "reverse cowdung beetle position". Also try to refrain using words like "blow" and "eat". Most importantly, please translate the kung fu name to english first. Of not, "chat seong kuen" can both be read as the seven damaging fist or the dick damaging fist.

ducky said...

yoda, v i can burn but it will be in .avi. safe space mah, 1 dvd can do, and anyway, as i say, my converter to dvd tak jadi. actually i could imagine myself being like the crocodile hunter, steve irwin, i'll be hunting malaysian fav animals and insect like the kutu, biawak, dugong, tupai, kancil, etc.
as for kung fu stance, i believe the mantis was performing the deadly no shadow spit to be followed by the ever popular "cow yam chan keng" & the "cow yam pat kuat chow" which of course left lipasman, spiting goo and shit as it hop for its dear life.

Wingz said...

wuah "V" long time nobody mentioned this movie ledi ....

ducky said...

you want a copy ah ? wingz ? no problem, .avi format.

1 dvd+R = 3.00
courier = 10.00
handling= 5.00
misc = 2.00
total 20.00

cash, cheque, credit card, wang pos, kiriman wang, bank draft all accept.

Yoda said...

cow yam chan keng? i never thought ur cantonese to be this good.impresive. i would have thought u would come out with yuk lui chan keng instead.

ducky said...

my years of watching the original legend of the condor hero series with wong yat wah & the late barbara yong finally paid off. next time watch out for wong mow kay!

cheayee said...

oh my gawd.

i used to watch V when i was young.

thre was something about snake.

but i could not remember the show.

coz i was barely 10 when it was screening. could not remember much about it though!

ducky said...

cheayee, how to pronounce cheayee ? like that ah "chee ah yee ?" want a copy of V .avi format, pasar malam also cannot get, very cheap, else you wait for yoda to ciplak from me and sell you for rm10.