Thursday, January 26, 2006

you got to like the naked chef, jamie oliver, the chef really dished up real appetizing stuff. week in week out, wicked. even his vegetarian dish is wicked. but unlike any other cook show, jamie is wicked, no i mean he is wicked, previously was they claim he didnt wash his hands, then later they had closed up shots of him washing his hands. wicked in the way of his dishes, for appetizer, notive how much sugar, cream and more sugar this guy whip up, its like a pro diabetes meal. and his wicked dishes, tons and tons of butter, babi, ayam, itik, sotong, lembu and more butter, these meals sent you a first class trip straight to heaven/hell. did you check out his vegetarian dish. the amount of butter he put into those dishes dont make his vegetarian dish any healthier than eating meat by itself. this is the only show that i actually cancel any appointment or just swallow my meals with a corong just to catch the 1/2 hour show on 8tv 9.30pm wednesday night. i have not seen any meal that he dishes out that dont look appetizing.

mr. wicked

you compare this show with another taiwanese show, i dont remember the day or time, but they have this 2 chef cook up some dishes with extravagant ingredients, where normal folks like you and me can never afford. the stupidity in this show, is that they used shark fins, abalon, cavier, imported this and that just to make a hamburger! a piece of beef and cheese slap in between a burger bun will not do, they have to soak the meat in abalon sause, instead of mayonaise they put cavier, and the dickhead guest sit there with their saliva dripping from their ternga-nga mouth. the dish dont look wicked at all, expensive yes, wicked ? hell no. that's the mentality of chinese, if it's expensive it have to wicked, tigers dick, bear's paw, monkey brain, shark's fin, bear's bile (wtf is that? yoda, why search with google when you can ask yoda) endangered is not in the chinese menu, dollar and cents are the main ingrediants. i hate the chinese for that.

could not find pictures of bear's paw or monkey brain dishes, so you need to imagine it

another chef i like is anthony bourdain, mr epiphanies of culinary, mr marlboro man, the man that will go anyway and eat anything. from cincalok to cobra's blood. the man should have been born a chinese, eats anything that walks, fly or swim. his books are interesting as well, suitable to layppl like us all, normal ordinary folks. i have three of them, kitchen confidential, cooks tour and bone in the throat, and it should be read in this order as well. the man walk and eat where the locals eat, no 5 star hotel, just your usual lorong and stall, i wonder when he was in malaysia, did they took him to all the best local food site. our best char koat teow, wan tan mee, curry mee, bak kut teh, nasi kandar, cendol, goreng pisang, nasi lemak, laksa, hokkien mee, satay, ice kacang, popiah, banana leave rice, ampang yong tau foo, ikan bakar, tosai, roti canai, kari kepala ikan, come to think of it, i dont think so, cause he'll stay for a week or two at least.

marlboro new poster boy

and of course ian from lonely planet not that he cooks but when he tries strange food from all over the world and not forgetting the thirsty traveller when i had astro back then.

ever thirsty and ian

to all readers, yes yoda, my cuz and whoever that read ducky, happy chinese new year

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