Wednesday, January 11, 2006

this post was actually my comment in one of my previous post, i thought i jam more on it.

cny is coming, there will be another ops by the pdrm, i'm not sure what is the purpose of this ops, its like giving us a statistic of road kill by states and day and types of road, etc, than actually preventing accidents from happenning. accidents rate still increases, death rate still increases, so this is by list of the major contributors of road fatalities during festive season.

1. cars are so damd cheap now a days, u see much ppl ferrying their gf on bikes anymore? want to get a superbike?, u can afford a car now days with all kind of ridicolous low down payment, some even as low as rm1.00.
2. since of 1 above more ppl drive, there are like a miilion drivers on the road now, the slow one, the fast one and the dickhead one, slow drivers pissed off the fast drivers and vice versa.
3. highways make drivers less skillful in terms of estimation when driving on trunk road. this i believe is true, if someone can give me a statistic on the no of road kill then before the highway i bet the number are much lower than now, of course consideration must be taken over no of cars now and then. back in those days, only good drivers are on the road, those not very skillful, either take the bus or katak bawah tempurung. since buses takes forever to reach a destination, those who cannot wait just stay at home. you really have to be good at driving then, 2 lanes trunk road, you stick your head out to the right, look for oncoming cars, estimate your time, coast is clear, put on the signal, drop a gear or two, then you accelarate, no turning back, position is forward, if you misjudge, chances are cars from the opposite side will slow down for you to complete your overtaking monouver, but as he passes you buy, he'll give you the birdy, you can thank him later, yes him , woman then hardly drive inter city, it was suicidal. but if the front bugger want to play chicken, then it is to the dirt extreme right opposite side of the road or if time permits, squeeze back into your lane. and every time you do this you can bet, there will be at least 2-3 cars behind you, doing the same thing, it goes on the concept that if you have an accident, they will still have time to avoid. the best time to drive agreed by experts then was, night driving, since oncoming cars headlight would indicate their presence.
4. increase in cost of public transportation resulting in more ppl owning owning vehicles which go back to no. 2.
5. lack of enforcement
6. idiot drivers on the road which is the result of 1 & 2.
7. increase in corruption which resulted 1,2,5 & 6.
8. massive development shrink the trunk roads
9. which leads to flooding and land erosion and finally
10. our national tin can cars.

i would say idiot drivers and our national tin cars make up for the majority of accidents and road kill in our country. if you are an adiot driver, i fuck you with all my heart, please fuck away from the roads, dont fucking come near the fucking road and best of all dont fucking drive, you not only fucked yourself up but you fuck other ppl on the fucking road as well.

i use to go back to my hometown in taiping quite often, but since there has been a flood of idiot drivers, i have gone back less, sad excuse, but is mine.

experience ? a couple of time, was overtaking some trucks, there was another 3-4 cars in front of me overtaking the trucks as well, out of the blue, this car was right up my ass, i dont really mind cars up ass in the city, but in the highway, when you are doing 120km/h, i cant even see the no. plate just his windscreen, so i knew that was close. so i slumber lah, there was no where for me to go as i was overtaking some trucks, then idiot here start to squeeze on the right shoulder of the road, there was like 2-3 feet between my car and the railings, i didn't want to know whether he was bluffing or not, i hit my left indicator, swoop in between the trucks and let the car pass before i come out again. now you tell me is that an idiot or not.

and lastly before i forget, idont want to offend anyone, but those of you with the freaking muffler as big as by head kind and driving around in a modified national tin car, please the car smashes up like a tin can without extra modification, yours?

i decided not to post any pictures of accident victims, they were too grossed, even for me, i suggest you take a trip to your local police station, i think they have some pictures of roadkill. i've seen them before, head all smashed up, brains all over the road being rolled over by a bus tyre, abdomen being rolled over by car tyres, bodies flung out of car during high speed accident, mangled bodies stuck in the wrecked cars with bodies being pierce by all kind of objects, small babies, children, parents, grandparents, your love ones, you and me.

you are not just kiling your self, but other innocent lives. speed dont really kills, but ignorance of the traffic laws does. drive careful, think of others, if not yourself.


Yoda said...

i own a tin can, let me add that it is not only the problem of a weak chasis. In my tin can, the mechanical parts breaks down very frequently and most often, spectacularly. let me cite an example:

was driving at 100kmh when my power steering failed. now what if i was in the middle of overtaking like your taiping adventure?

let us start some kind of precedent by urging the victims of accident to sue the tin can company. it only take 1 precedent to start the ball rolling and put an end to the national car co. giving us tin cans.

ducky said...

my tin can is 2yr old ++, dont know when my spectacular events will start kicking in. i hope my tin can last for another 1-2 yrs b4 showing some sign of breaking up.

sue the tin can company you say, u do remember the tin can co is in the merah like mas, thanks to cheaper nippon and pyongyang's neighbour cars, but some ppl told me these cheaper models are only sold to countries like, m'sia, indon, india, china, countries with lower automobile safety standard, take the innova from toyota for instance, look like the stream but much cheaper, is not sold in nippon land, only those mentioned countries. apparently was assembled in indon to replace the ever popular unser, the siamese are not interested, citing lower standard from indon.

remember sometime ago when the ap issue was all heated up and some say why not tutup the tin can, well today, it is still running with the chancellor, the rm138k extended 4 seater waja.

take 1 precedent to start the ball rolling, over TM grave if he still cares, that's like killing his 1st born. if your 1 precedent can start the ball rolling, a lot of heads with start rolling as well.

all i know is that my next mv will not be a tin can, maybe that indon made car, after all i'm not a siamese.

Yoda said...

Why get a lower standard version? lets hope that the tin can really folds then we can buy the premium ones like harrier, stream and alfa which will then be cheaper than any current tin can cars.

And regarding the nippon cars not available in the land of the rising sun, that just goes to show that their govt value the lifes of thier citizen. Our Govt? Were are just dirts to them. They are even prepared to make this lower standard cars (which is miles ahead of our tin can) further out of reach of the working class.

Please remember this, the next time you see a horible accident(involving tin can cars usually), take some time to imagine what kind of person is the victim and what would his/her future be like if the Govt would only be more Humane.

ducky said...

tin can corporation business concept.
we make dirt cheap cars with dirt cheap materials, tin cans are easily available from recycling centres (recycling centre?), rubber from our dirt cheap rubber trees tap by our dirt cheap estate workers, dirt cheap seating from our local prison camp, engines from scrap yard and kedai kereta potong and other accesories from our local vocational schools and henry gurney school.

yoda you got a point there, a joint effort by every tin can owners speaking their mind at a freindly rally lobbying for a safer tin can for all malaysian else we burn down putrajaya, something like that.

this topic has been going on and on but nothing happens, use to read all this frustrated ppl at

the point that must be made is safety not value, then there would be a case, if you talk about value, there is always the excuse of economic of scale and it is normal practice for protection on local cars.

i guess if we push the importance of safety first the value would go down by itself. if things like airbags and abs are compulsary, these would in a way push the cost of tin can up, but they cannot raise the price, as they wish, as nippon and pyongyang cars are just an inch above them, indirectly and theoritically the price would remain the same for the extra. unless they can put service and sales tax into the nippon and pyongyang cars and amend the act again, i wont be surprise.