Sunday, January 15, 2006

all gung ho and ready to go

is badawi retiring sooner than expected, that is before the 2008 general election?

before we dwell into this sensitive issue, let me just say that i was not by any chance told by a little bird nor a big yellow bird of this news. it's just my own opinion that i wish to share (i guess by now most readers would click close and return to project petaling street site) but i hope you would not.

i dont know, maybe someone has already wrote about this, than i might not be be first, maybe the most influential blogger have already hinted on this, but i dont know. i dont read all his posting. any way here goes.

when badawi was first sworn into as the 5th pm, the old man's eyes was glittering. it could be because now he is the most powerful man in malaysia or because he finally could do something that will make a difference to the ordinary malaysian folks. i rather like to believe of the later. being from a long line of religous person, you dont just give up your believe and principles just because you are the most powerful man in malaysia, it's embedded deep inside your soul, that is what you are, so that goes without saying for pak lah, i believe his father and his father before his were some sort of religous pretige.


so the first item on his agenda, to end corruption on all levels, primaraly in umno, a number of prominent figures were caught and dealt with, then the police force and so on, then being an islamic scholar, of course he would like to integrate islamic laws into federal laws, so how far did he go? we all know he did not go very far, on the corruption level, it was difficult, on the islamic laws, you can read it in the papers.

then things starts to crumble, anwar was release, nudesquat scandal, ayahpin, proton, mas, approve permit, his son in law, etc. this man majored in islamic studies, he wasn't a doctor nor a lawyer like his first 4 pm. what can a spiritual man do, pray i guess. then his dear wife died, that would be a major blow to one political career, as the saying goes, behind every succesful man is a strong woman.

he has to make major desicion and his strongest woman is not there anymore. imagine you are there beside the woman you love in her dying hour, n you ask your god, what can he do to redeem this precious life of his. can you not believe that when endon died some part of him died with her, that glitter in his eyes are not so glittering anymore. he has lost half of his cause to fight injustice anymore, as anyone would feel injustice when a life is robbed off from their bosom.

try looking at his eyes when he makes speeches nowadays, it's sad and lonely, he does not have the will anymore, he even said that he has no inspiration to reshuffle the cabinet, what inspiration is he looking for? life after death?

not glittering any more

that is my humble opinion of why i said AAB will be retiring soon, or i could be wrong, being a politician, they have many mask, but for the sake of malaysia, i hope this will remain my opinion only, because with his departure, i leave that for your imagination.

my imagination

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