Monday, January 09, 2006

There was a letter in malaysiakini by one ray which I just have to reply here.
The very reason malaysiakini still publish these articles is because they can, unlike the mainstream newspaper, which have to “look after” the interest of our multiracial culture, malaysiakini reports as is basis, if you don’t like it, like abang noh omar said “kalau tak suka, balik negeri sendiri”

The very point that I think is to be pointed here is that islam laws are not very tolerable to other non islam religion I guess, being not islam. As long as it is islam, you better follow it or else, fuck off ? or else what ? I don’t think not much ppl have bother to go against the no. 1 religion in Malaysia until now, ppl have tolerance too, but sometimes shit like this is too much.

Do u know that Christians allow their deceased to be buried in any religious rites if the majority of the family members wishes so. Christian have been labeled as not very tolerance at times because of the restriction it imposed, but it is the only religion that is free will, u cannot embraced Christianity by force, nobody can force you, you have to willingly accept that you want to be a Christian, a child born in a Christian family, is not automatically a Christian until the child reaches full age and actually take up the faith voluntarily.

Furthermore Christian societies are the most active societies that look into the welfare of the poor, neglected, drug abusers, hiv patients, orphans, I believe our minister suggested that hiv be outcast into a remote island. Middle east and Africans countries stoning Christians to death, imprison, tortured, force to denounce their faith, killed, all in the name of Islam ? tolerable ? I don’t think so.

Other than the Americans that are abusive to the islam society after 9-11 only, no other Christian country or group or ppl actually deny other religion from being form in their country. Islam tolerance ? I don’t fucking think so.

Try denouncing islam in middle east, most probably, the family members will kill him first. Try denouncing Christianity in a Christian family, the family is glad he is not gay. Killing ? why would you want to kill your own blood? Islam tolerable ? no fucking ho.

How abt other religion ? they didn’t catch my attention ray.

can i go to jail or isa for this, yoda ?

we live in a country where we are partly mute, some things we can say, some things we have to shut the fuck up and write in our blog, but if we ping, then its for the public to read, is it wrong, it'is after all my opinion, everybody is allowed to have opinion, every one have a head and a brain to think and process, if we are not even allowed to form our own opinion, what good is it that we go to school, to take exam and graduate from the university with a diploma or degree that 80,000 ppl holds as well without forming a single opinion through out your studying life.

dont you want to know why are things that way and not this way, the teachers' text book explaination should not be enough, it shoud be from a point of view where you understand the whole concept and point because you understand the whole logic not because someone told u so. without forming a opinion we will be followers for the rest of our lives, as we never think, never question, always follow.

we should not be afraid to be wrong, because by doing wrong we know we are not perfect, but learning as we mature, its like reading a book, if we read the same book every year we realised we form different opinion every year as we understand the book from every angle possible.

so is my posting islam bashing, like i say its my opinion.


Yoda said...

Have you tried living in a area where there are a majority of [insert any religion here]. It brings out the primal instict in us. When you are in a majority, you tend to look down on the weak minority. Then the leader of the pack (alpha male of the pack) will take power. He is known as [insert title of the head of religion]. Try saying that you are not a christian in some redneck neighbourhood in USA and i'll be suprised if they don't burn you at a stake! The conclusion of this story is that there is nothing wrong with religion. It is just that the people that profess the religion is wrong. (Guns don't kill people, people kill people) I am saying this especially with Christian-Islam religion. The only two religion that deals with the absolute(i am god and no one else) So please be careful. You wouldn't know when you will meet a fanatic of [any religion here]

And finally, yes you would get in to trouble with the authorities for this blog. So practice doing some nude squats already!

ducky said...

im saying tolerance generally, the kkk in those redneck continent are racist more than religous fanatics i think? but you have to admit that islam dont really tolerate other religion generally. its always bomb this, behead that, stone that, imprison this, kill that, etc.
trouble with authorities, get ready your camcorder and we can have another headline "anti islam blogger doing nude squats" make sure you tell them i'm malaysian chinese and email to teresa kok and rocketman.

ducky said...

make sure you organise a candle vigil for me at the police station come rain or shine, you can then all hold hands and sing we are the world or do they know its christmas or better still those nwa and two live crew, but no metal songs the authorities cant differentiate them, then we can become jail mate, then we can whistle andy griffith show theme song or prison on fire.

__earth said...

you forgot how the Christian treated the peaceful pagans. Never mind out how the Crusaders stole from their own fellow Christian.

If you read history, Christian did force other to become Christian. How about Andalusia? Remember how the Christian treated the Jew?

Cmon, don't be selective when criticizing others. Be fair.

ducky said...

history wise, mr. _earth you are correct, christians and catholics at those ages are no different from islam, take the holy crusade for example, and all those corrupted and unethical priest and bishops. burning questionable condem ppl at stake, joan of arc, any pagan that seem odd would be a satan worshipper, but through time and centuries christianity evolved and became more liberal and understanding, but i cant say for islam, a religion lost in time.

Yoda said...

yeah yeah, islam are not toleranse. But what if the hindu won the case of moorthy? would islam therefore be tolerable?

Just to show that no religion is tolerable! Just as _earth said, the Crusades and such is an example.

Lets make a test. Judeo-christian-islam religion should pray to idols to show thier tolerance and the rest of the religion should abstain from eating non kosher food.

if the above can be done, then we can talk about tolerance.

ducky said...

i know this is going to happen, once we get all religous and stuff, being yoda fav subject other than dragonball comics.
judeo-christian-islam, than later atheist, his fav subject again, then, later greek mythlogy i think he has phd on that, man! cant even criticize islam a bit without being kick back in the ass. white flag is up, in future i'll refrain from specifically criticizing a specific religion.

Mei said...

If you must blame something/someone, blame the man but not the religion.

It is often man's intepretation that corrupts a religion's practices and beliefs.

The Crusades was founded on political and economic desires and hides behind a religious masks. The Inquisition was the same.

Today, Christians are painfully aware of the things we have committed - why else do you think the Pope made a public apology for the sins of the Catholic church? (Look here:

ducky said...

religion has always been a very controversial topic, take the current issue of the caricature of mohammed, have you seen the pictures, i dont really get it, it looks like those jokes for jesus, god, pope, all those st, nobody got upset, maybe yes, but not this kinds of public fury, burning of embassy and riots. all i simply said was that islam is not very tolerent when compare to other religion NOW. key word tolerent and NOW. like in 2006. this caricature of mohammed needs a posting, maybe i'll write something on it.

Yoda said...

like they say, guns dont kill people. people kill people. let agree to what Mei says....with the qualification... that we do not pinpoint religion as the cause of evil. Because it is too INSIGNIFICANT a cause to influence the minds of human as compared to politics.

Also i salute the pope, as a human to apologise for something done by his religion. Please note that i salute the pope and not the religion. as the "religion veil" was so cleverly applied to separate the believer from the faith