Wednesday, January 18, 2006

must be running low on ideas.

parenting and childcare II

ok, at least i have experience in this field.

what is the difference between your 3 year old kid and your manager/boss/superior? other than being cute and blood related there is nothing else. the 3 year old is as unreasonable as your employer. but at least your employer can be reason with to a certain extent. but the 3 year old have no compromise. i want it now, mean fucking now, not 10 minutes later, not 1 hour, not tomorrow, but now, as you can see here even your boss is reasonable enough to give you some time allowance. but the 3 year old dont give a shit, you could have finish work and all tired, i want it now, or else i'll scream till your eyes pop up.

how about when you want to take something back from the 3 year old, the 3 year old is not going to just give it to you, you have to be a skilled negotiator here, a slip of the tongue, and your handphone goes into the aquarium, it's an uneven barter system, where you have to offer commodities in exchange for something that already belongs to you! a normal negotiation will go something like this.

ducky : give me my phone

3 year old kid :you call who

ducky : nobody

3 year old kid :you call nobody, no need phone

ducky : give me

3 year old kid : i want to use.

ducky : i say give me my damn phone

3 year old kid : u call nobody, i call barney

ducky : give me the phone

3 year old kid : (start to run)

ducky : come back here

now, this is where it gets a little dangerous, you are not near enough to catch your handphone if the kid drops it, so the negotiation starts.

ducky : i give you 1 dollar

3 year old kid :i small kid, dont know how to use money

ducky : buy you ice cream

3 year old kid : mummy say i got cough

ducky : take you go playground

3 year old kid : big one ah?

ducky : yes big one with mr. clown there

3 year old kid :nah

imagine negotiation with a kid, 30 years ago, things like this doesnt even exist. the 2nd reply would either come with a sepak on your face or your sifat, your choice or the infamous rotan.

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