Saturday, January 07, 2006

lets see i think is 31. 21 jump street - johnny depp career went sky rocket, great soundtrack and great show
32. full house - john stamos and the olsen twins, yes they were just babies.
33. la law - sex sex sex, but great theme song very classy - a david e kelly show, yes the same guy that brought you chicago hope, ally mcbeal, the practice n boston public
34. perfect strangers - two cousins leaving in america, one from us and one from god knows where, "dont be ridicolous"
35. mork and mindy - robin williams "nanu nanu"
36. "Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself. Suddenly I'm up on top of the world, ..." - the greatest american hero.

that hot chick is connie sellecca, she star in hotel later

37. taxi - another good show, it had tony danza before who's the boss, danny devito, judd hirsch, jeff connaway, marilu henner, andy kaufman - man on the moon, thats him and christopher llyod before back to the future 1,2n3 and tremors.
38. what's happening - forgotten
39. one day at a time - forgotten
40. the jefferson - mr n mrs jefferson, and of course the loud mouth maid florence
41. mash - didn watch, but my mum like it.
42. waltons - end credits have everyone wishing everyone goodnight that ends with one john boy
43. if you have waltons, then you gotta have little house on the prairie, michael landon, melissa gilbert and melissa sue anderson
44. remember this ?
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip,....
gilligan island

45. the andy griffth show - actually some of these shows are from the 70s not 80s, andy here is 60s!, andy griffith, don knotts and a very young ron howard, yes that great producer/director
46. lone ranger - well the theme song is actually "the william tell overture" early nokia hanphone series have the tune under william tell. this is a oldie, 1950s!
47. bj and the bear - truck driver greg evigan and a chimp. greg later did "my two dads" with mad about you star paul reiser.
48. one of my fav veitnam tv series - china beach, dana delany and marg helgenberger cathrine willows of csi
49. if you got china beach, you would remember tour of duty , great theme song as well.
50. kid doctor, doogie howser md
51. fall guy - lee majors, douglas barr and hot chick heather thomas
heather thomas
52. who's the boss - alyssa milano, was nude in poison ivy 2 and embrace of the vampire.
53. erik estrada - chips - police on harley show.
54. fresh prince of bell air - a very skinny will smith
55. 4 old women singingn about "thank you for being a friend" - golden girls
56. grizzly adams - a hilly billy with a bear
57. "mr. maggie you know you dont like me when i'm angry" - bill bixby and lou ferrigno - incredible hulk

58. wonder years - joe cocker sang that song
59. mr. botak - kojak
60. and wonder dog - lassie

to be continue


Yoda said...

Thunder Cats! there is a hidden sex theme in it. Notice how the sword needs to be expanded to be useful.

She Ra! its' soft porn i tell you.

The V! dynasty meets star trek.

Misfits of Science! the predecessor of X men

Quantum Leap!

ducky said...

no i dont agree she ra is softporn, because its hardcore. that was my code name for porn many years ago, i but i used to
call it "you want to watch he-man & she-ra?" v! yes lizard sex, would like very to watch it again. misfits of science, courtney cox the one with telepathy or was it telekinetic powers, but i think its not the predecessor of X men, but another tv series i cant remember the show just a couple of years ago, was showed together with dark angel. quantum leap was going to be 61 toogether with check new post. most i remember abt quantum leap was that, he screwed a chick in every episode. lucky dude.