Thursday, January 05, 2006

how to be a happy malaysian ? simple. just follows these simple rules.

1. bn is always correct, if there are doubtful issues, it is because they are only trying to make life better for us.
2. whatever that is publish in the media is the truth.
3. dap stands for deceiving all ppl
4. pas stands for politics and sembayang
5. the internet is evil.
6. the police force are always there to serve and protect.
7. the govt servant are slow working because they are lowly paid and they have to start work at 7.30am.
8. proton is a good malaysian car
9. support the national carrier mas
10. malaysia boleh.

how then can you be a unhappy malaysia ?

internet is god

since malaysian always do what is easiest, then we are naturally, all unhappy malaysian.