Tuesday, January 03, 2006

there's an article on mr. rocketman (lim kit siang) blog on boycotting of the media, newspaper i guess, i actually have not subscribe to the papers for two years, just buy the weekend edition to see what is going around the weekend and sale and that kind of stuff. star on sat & nst on sun, that's it. it's a good call actually to boycott the media primaryly the newspaper, i had a previous post on media prima, the govt connected company that owns nstp, tv3, tv8, tv9 & recently ntv7. news ? what news ? soon it will be like pyongyang with Kim Jong Il, eat and sleep and shit when we are told, watch and listen to songs like demi negara for the 3,697,969,756 times.

north korea president kim jong il

so what say you, shall we boycott ?
i dont recall malaysian ever stand up for anything in their life.
yes we shout and make a lot of noise, but the when the time comes for action, we shy away saying its not my fight.
boycotting on newspaper is very easy. save yer self rm1.20 a day, a month makes, rm36.00. i think total english circulation of paper is around 1/2 million correct me if i'm wrong here, so rm1.20 multiply by 500,000, u make rm600,000 a day multiply by 30 days thats rm18 million a month nst and star is short off, i guess.
so what say you, shall we boycott ?

lets show this ppl that you can fuck with newspaper readers but you cant fuck with bloggers

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